Thursday, August 11, 2016

the flight and stuff

if I remember correctly, laney and I left at the crack of dawn to get to the airport, so she cruised in her jams.
she was such a good little traveler.
ready to take off, just two traveling gals!
love the nervous hand on the arm rest.
she was a little bit nervous.
stamps = little kid life.
she faked sleep for awhile.
and got nice and comfy.
and got wings for her lovey.
and said "cheese!"
back in the mountains!
and we've arrived!
since we left so early in the morning, I rookie moved it and left without shoes for d! so then we had to stop at payless and hook her up. oh traveling!

d loved on baby olly, and even shared lovey with him.
the girls enjoyed some book time with auntie henna.
she does the best voices.
everyone loved on baby olly.
because he's so loveable.
d took a nap and woke up with rockin' hair. hahaha.
gramps got some cuddle time in.
and we went to the wedding rehearsal.
this was kind of a lame recap, but a recap none the less. and that was our wedding trip to Utah.:)

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