Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Chesapeak Beach Water Park

On Wednesday we packed up for a day at the waterpark for Lily's birthday. 
I was thinking about it, and I don't think I'd been to a waterpark for over 10 years. That's a long time!

Chesapeake beach looks like a super cute little beach town. I'd like to check it out, but it turns out they charge for their beach, and they charge a lot! $9 per person, and that's with a military discount. So maybe we won't be checking it out anytime soon.
We got there by 11, right before they opened, and got everyone sunscreened so we were ready to roll as soon as they opened.
Super cute little waterpark!
And I got to hang out with these 2 adorbs little girlies.
We slid down all the little water slides, floated through the lazy river, and played, played, played. It was so fun!
At 1 we went to eat the lunch we brought. It was a nice break to reapply sunscreen and rehydrate. After that Alecia and I switched and I got to ride the big water slides with the big kids for a few minutes. As we waited our turn I couldn't help but wish I didn't watch so much YouTube this summer. All I could think of was how Frankie and I were going to slide right over the waterslides edge. Thankfully we were fine. After riding down a few times, bratty Delaney decided she missed me too much to keep playing, so then Alecia and I switched back and I got the littlest ladies again.
Fun bunch!
My fav was the lazy river. I could float that guy for hours. Thankfully my little friends liked it too, so we spent a lot of time floating down the river.
We stayed until 5, which was a perfect amount of time. Everyone was still happy and none of us were too burned. A few of us were pretty rosy, but nothing a little aloe can't fix.
We headed back to Lily's house for a delicious ribs and potato dinner. Then it was present time!
We had picked lily the most random bunch of gifts. But Addie loved them all, and hopefully Lily did too.
So glad I have such wonderful planning friends and that I was able to be included in the birthday fun. I told Alecia I'm in for next year too, it was great!

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