Monday, August 1, 2016

10 years and trip planning

We celebrated our tenth anniversary in June. We had wanted to have a getaway, but with leaving for our trip 2 days later, we just couldn't make it happen this year. That's ok, I'm non-traditional. we can have an 11-year-anniversary getaway.

What we did do was go to a restaurant that had been recommended to me a year ago. It was down south and right on the water, and it was just ok. Good, but I wouldn't recommend to others the way it was recommended to me.
It was a Friday night, so after dinner we went, CHILD FREE, for the first time EVER, to the river concert. It was weird to say the least. We were like, "wait, do we really want to sit in serious listening, or do we want to sit somewhere we can talk?" We sat where we could talk. It was mike and Colleen, Darlaina and Mary, Laura and David, and Matt and I. (Lily had gotten sick after dinner, so darrows had to go home). We played a newlywed style game and ate Maggie Moo's ice cream and it was great. 10 years!!!
For our road trip I had planned things to do for weeks and months. I researched and tried to see what would be best for our girls. In the end, I had to make my best guess as to what would work.
I found these scrapbook organizers on clearance at Michaels and I decided to make one for each girl to keep their things to do in them each day. I figured they could stay somewhat organized, and it would also give them something to write on. They were big, but worked pretty well.
I had packed and labeled gallon size ziplocs with a few toys, treats, and things to do for each day. Each morning I filled their bins with fun new things to do from that day's bag.
Each morning they'd spend at least an hour or two playing with their new loot. It wasn't perfect, and it was a lot harder on the way home because I didn't have many things to give them, but it was good and I'd recommend it to other road trip adventurers. 

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