Monday, August 15, 2016


Amber and boys came over to swim. We are still trying to stay on top of our goal to visit every sister during the month of their birthday, and Amber and I thought a pool visit would be fun. We ate lunch at the pool and had a nice time. Biggest job perk is getting to know the ladies. We've got some amazing ones.

After that we headed out for our errands. First stop - haircut. Bunchems are fun, but when they get into hair, forget about it. I didn't even try to get them out. Partly because I was so frustrated, partly because Frankies needed a haircut for quite awhile. 
We rarely ever go to the salon, so she thought she was hot stuff. I love Frankie, she's pretty easy going and easy to talk into things.
I didn't really have a plan before we got there. When we arrived we looked through the magazines and I fell in love with a cute little bob. She took a minute to convince, but then she was like, sure, let's go for it!
I sent this to Matt and auntie Allie to tease them.
After some target time and aldi, we headed home and I did Frankies hair. 
One cute girl!!!
That night, Sarah, Joni, and I got together and wrote silly little messages on dozens of plastic forks. 
Then we went to Alecia's house and cutlery'ed her yard. Boring people might "fork" a yard, but we're not boring. We used knives and spoons too. I'm not gonna lie, I was glad to get rid of a rainbow of knives.
Alecia had a friend over, so she found our handiwork that night, and somehow knew right away it was us. Chris saw us as we were leaving and asked if we were 12, or something. I don't ever want to grow up. 

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