Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lighthouse day

This morning we went to Annie's baptism. JoAnn is so cute and had this fun rainbow spread.
My girls loved it, that's for sure.
After the baptism we went to target. Last night I stayed up late and online shopped for school supplies. I'm almost done! I compared Walmart, target, and Amazon, and target had a lot of the best prices. So we picked up whatever we could with the site to store feature.
Then we hit up Wally for the same thing. In the back at the site to store place they had a payphone. Addie's a girl after her mothers heart. See payphone > must pose.
After that we took a vote to see who wanted to go out to Piney Point for their free lighthouse day festivities. All three voted to go. So off we went.
It's so pretty out there, I love it.
We walked around the museum and judged these Lego lighthouses.
Haha, Addie.
I'm not usually very good at getting background stuff and faces into a nice picture, but today I was especially bad.
Of note, everyone rang the bell today without getting hurt and without crying.
That's a big deal.
We got to go in the keepers quarters for the first time, so that was cool.
They are just starting to get the house decorated with period furniture, but what they've got is done well.
It was so hot and humid. I think it was a "feels like 106 degrees," day. They had these nice misters set up.
Then it was time to climb!
We started off excited.
But sadly it didn't last. We made it up the 25 steps just fine, but then came the ladder of doom. The girls flipped, like dominos, one at a time, they each started crying. They were all scared and fweaking out, as Delaney would say. I tried to calm them down, but it didn't work, they weren't having it. So I walked Frankie and Delaney down, and got them set up outside, and by that time Addie had decided she could climb.
So I met her in the lantern room. We were enjoying the view when we heard Delaney crying. So we figured we should get going.
I'm proud of Addie for pushing past her fears and going up. It's so strange that the other girls wouldn't.
I wanted to get a pic of the stairs, so I stayed up. Here is the dreaded ladder of doom.
One brave little chicky.
And my beloved lighthouse steps.
It was a long day with those girls, but sometimes all you can do is smile.
Halfway forgiven.
She's just so cute and she was decorated all Maryland'ey.
We walked out to the beach and waded in the very warm water. Lighthouse buddies!
It was seriously sweltering. Look at Laneys bright red face!
We played on the dock.
And then took some more horrible pictures.
Where's Frankie?!
There were local artists set up at the keepers quarters, so we bought an ornament and a sand dollar nightlight. Also, I want to make these.
They are so cute and nautical! I want them!
We got home around 2:30 and hung out till 5'ish. Then, because it was stormy, we met up with the ainas at oga's for some pre-beach party on the square fun.
After a delicious dinner we found that there were blue skies again and the beach party was back on.
There were these cool huge bubbles that Addie enjoyed for a long time.
And the kids ran through the fire engine hoses.
Gorgeous girl.
this is a terrible picture, but it's the only one we took together, soooo.
At one point, Laney came and said she needed to go potty. So I told her she could just go by the drain, and go. First she tried to take off her suit, then when I told her she had to keep it on, she just kind of awkwardly squatted by the drain. She cracks me up.
It was such a beautiful night.
And we got a fun photobomber!
they played in a bounce house. Lanes going down.
And Addie. Or, at least Addie's hair.
They also had this wrecking ball bounce house.
We told the girls the challenge was for them to stay on their square, not for them to knock their friends off of their squares. Cause isn't that what it's all about?
We love to beach party on the square!
I don't know how many years this is for us. We haven't made every year, but pretty close.
Even when we're not tall enough.
Our last thing of the night was to play in the giant sandboxes. I love to watch kids play in the sand. It's like they are on a mission and what they are doing is super important. I'd love to know what's going on in their brains.
Franks got in on a game of beach volleyball. Good stuff.
Matt worked this weekend. He saw the dr. there and they told him they he should expect to get better, and that it's most painful at first. His sciatic nerve is causing him a lot of pain. I was surprised when he got home and said he was up for going with us to eat and to the party. He took lots of breaks, but I was glad to have him along for the ride. We've missed him!

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