Thursday, August 25, 2016

Twas the night before school started

Tuesday was the 5 year anniversary of our east coast earthquake. I clearly and vividly remember that day. Well, maybe not so clearly, because I didn't remember that I was 4 months pregnant with Delaney. But other than that, it's crystal. That was a wild week. An earthquake, tornado, and hurricane, and all during an emergency drill at church. Weird, weird.
Tiesday morning we met at the wooden park for a last big kid play date before school. All these summer last's. Makes me sad. We got to the school by about 12:45 to help man the PTA table. It was so fun to see all of our school friends and talk about who has which teacher. Back to school is an exciting time of year!
We worked the PTA table for an hour while the other ladies visited their kids classrooms, then we traded and visited ours. Frankie has mrs. G again! We're so happy!
And it turns out that she originally wasn't in Mrs. G's class, but another student needed to change, so they switched them. Happy coincidence.
She's got 2 of her besties, and a lot of other friends in her class with her. We're all super stoked.
Next we met Addie's teacher, who is a super cutie and super fun. She had music playing, and the first two songs were Roar, and Call me Maybe. Talk about a happy coincidence. We just knew it was meant to be.

Sadly, I lost ma brain and didn't take a single picture of Addie in her new upstairs big girl classroom, or with her teacher or anything. I'm all discombobulated. 

When Addie got baptized, miss Kim and kaitlyn got her a Heritage Chocolates gift card, and she's been asking us to take her for awhile. Matt was working late, but Chris took the girls to the pool, and I took Addie to the chocolate shop. This precious girl bought a small box of chocolates to share, and a decadent caramel apple for her teacher for the first day of school. Love her.
We met up with the gang at the pool, and since it was the night before school, we had it all to ourselves. It was awesome!
I filled out stacks and stacks of paperwork while the girls frolicked.
Then they asked me to take pictures of them jumping in the pool.
We could do this for hours, it's so fun.
This was supposed to be all of them jumping in at the same time. Didn't really work.
Somewhere in the frolicking, lanes got hit by a bucket wielded by Addie. She had a big red mark, and today a nice little bruise. Oops.
Walking home. Sweet end of summer moments. It's been cooler the past few days, and there was a sweet summer evening smell, and the girls were clean and happy and tired and excited.
Good things are in store for this year!

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