Monday, August 29, 2016


It was a good day with the right balance of things to do. Bubba worked all day, but the rest of the crew hung out at the White House on pensive street. 

Matt took the little girls apple picking, only they weren't actually able to pick apples because the orchard was covered in poison ivy, and even though we'd called ahead, they hadn't told us to wear long pants or tall socks. Oh well. Best laid plans. 

I stayed home to take Addie to Jodie's for activity days. They are prepping for their recognition night and they were there to paint their female scripture hero's. Addie chose Abish. I guess she got frustrated with her painting and decided to take a break until next time. I think she did awesome! Emily is going to clean up some of the lines for her and they'll do another painting night. Addie and I had a long talk after, and she and I both felt better. 
We did more cuddling and talking. 
Frankie is the only one of the three littles that will rub feet, and she's good at it. Service with a smile!
We hung out at home, ate hot dogs for lunch, and had a nice afternoon. We had some errands to run. Another in the long series of "take a picture of me, mommy!"
Wally had the world's longest lines and d-money was silly!
We got birthday gifts and groceries, and headed to a birthday party for the gravelles at Solomon's island pool. 
First we ate chicfila and pizza. Yummo. 
Then it was go time. The party started at 7:30 and the girls thought they were the hit for being able to go to a party that started at their bedtime. 
There were 2 waterslides and a diving board, and like, 15 people swimming, so they could do whatever they wanted. It was pretty awesome. 
Delaney, who couldn't bring herself to jump off the board in Seattle, climbed right onto the diving board and jumped. Brave girl!
She also went down one of the slides with Matt, only he intentionally made them go faster and scared the day lights outs of her. After that she wouldn't try it again. Addie and Frankie though were slide fiends. They went down dozens of times. 
These 4. <3
Goggle hair. #nerdlife
Happy girls!
Delaney loved the dolphin garbage can. 
So excited to throw something away in there!
It was not hot, so after about an hour and a half of swimming, lanes cuddled with her towel. I took this picture and my flash went off, and she immediatly poked her head out of the towel and asked if there was lightning. Haha. 
Addie perfected her 8-year-old dive. Or scorpion, if you will. 
We sang happy birthday and had cake, then there was time for a little bit more swimming. It was great, a cool'er summer night, good food and fun friends, and best of all, happy kids. A good Saturday. 

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