Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Philadelphia Zoo

we hit up the nations first zoo right around noon. it was hot, ya'll.
because it was so hot, as we first came into the zoo, I splashed myself and each of my kids in this fountain. of course, some of my crazies started crying, but it felt so good that I didn't feel bad! ps - nice pose frankie.
we did the whole zoo loop, especially all the indoor exhibits.
addie made a cute animal crown. anything we could do to stay inside!
we played and played.
out came the scariest animals we saw at the zoo all day...
hahaha, I used that joke that day too.
I always have to post each girl. post 'em if you got 'em, that's my motto.
Katie was laney's buddy for awhile. it is so nice traveling with our mccombs. they are SO helpful and everybody loves everybody. makes a solo momma's day so much nicer!
aaaaand buddies. in fact, the only time someone got lost was when I was laney's buddy and it was while we were watching the turtles climb on eachother. ifyouknowwhatimean.
we thought this giant cobra in the reptile house was pretty cool.
franks took it to a whole new level. Delaney declined this photo op.
because she was busy with her buddy.
we drank water every chance we got. we filled our water bottles at the awesome water bottle stations and we never did have to buy water, which was pretty sweet. it didn't all taste super great, but it was good and it kept us hydrated.
hunting the pokemon, yo.
at 1:30 it was feeling like 111°. words can't describe how hot it was. but it was okay, it was still a fun day.
we could watch the turtles swimming all day! so fun.
little alligator.
more little alligators.
and 3 little ray girls.
we sent this to daddy. hot and sweaty with the crocs.
giant turtles before they got too friendly.
the girls were really good. for it being such a hot weekend and not having daddy around, things went really well. we've got a good crew!
we could have watched these big apes all day. so human! this funny one picked at his hay as he ate it, one by one. so cute!
I think it's funny that I enjoy zoos so much. for someone that doesn't care for animals, I do enjoy a nice day at the zoo.
sweet girlie.
we took a dippin' dots break.
we watched the polar bear swim while we ate.
that silly bear hung out on the very edge of the pool almost the whole time we sat there.
then at the very end he started swimming.
addie took a bunch of close-ups. super fun to watch swim. could have watched him all day. have I said that before?
meanwhile back in the smc, matt hung out at the pool and rested his back.
after the dippin dots cool down break, we saw the giraffes.
I looooove their patterns and giraffe print.
the gang. and a cute pink cheeked 4-year-old.
lots and lots of water breaks! all day! we did good though, no one got sunburned, and everyone felt good all day.
I took the girls the long way around while the adults chilled (literally) inside.
it was kind of a bust though because the animals we were wanting to see (can't remember which ones) were not there. best laid plans and all.
and another temp check. feels like 113°. smart people go to the zoo on days like this. ;)
we found this fun photo booth on our travels.
we're fierce!

love these sillys!
we stayed at the zoo till closing. I let each of the girls pick a souvenir and everyone left happy.
the kids were not happy to be taking more pictures, but they faked it ok.
the whole crew. minus david. :) we were all sooooo hot and tired.
but more Philadelphia fun was to be had, and we were on our way!

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