Saturday, August 6, 2016


It was a wonderful day. I dropped the girls off at Sarah's at 9, and had the whole glorious day for myself. I cleaned my pantry, floors, paid bills, and organized. And continued my binge watching of Lost. Season 4, why do you hate me?

Sarah sent this pic of the monkeys jumping on the bed. Delaney came home with a fat lip, but she was happy.
They were all so happy to spend their day with the ainas, they went running down when we got there. I love that everyone wins when we kid swap.

I picked them up because poor Matt's pinched nerve is still bothering him. We are praying for relief as this has affected everything in our lives - work, sleep, home. It's hard to function when you're miserable. Illnesses always have a way of reminding me to be thankful for the health we generally enjoy. 

When we got home, we went straight across the street to Alex' party.
They always have fun things for the kids to do. They had silly string and poppers this time.
At first Delaney was having some ptsd from the Oregon beach massacre, but then she decided she'd give it a whirl.
The tough thing about silly string is that when it gets empty it starts to spray everywhere and is wet and messy. Several of the moms, myself included, got hit with that mess.
It was fun to catch up with everyone since their vacations. Justine and Doug, who just got back from California and the U.K. Kim and mike, who just got back from SC. And Kelly and Todd who got back from NH. I also got to meet our new neighbors who happen to be from Seattle, and they seem very cool.
Good day and a good night. Just need to get Matt better!

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