Tuesday, August 2, 2016

3rd place in the nation

Chris had a blast in Kentucky!
They went to Churchill downs, the Louisville Slugger museum, ate at a million different restaurants, and got along with everyone really well.
They took, and actually posted tons of pictures, yay!
They went to a Selena Gomez concert. Haha.
And then it was time for the awards ceremony.
We were at our anniversary dinner, but I was watching live on my phone the whole time. The very first award presented was the dental assisting, and this happened!!!
3rd place in the nation! We are so very proud of him! He wanted 1st, of course, but 3rd is pretty amazing!

We were so excited for him to come home and tell us all about it! Frankie came with me and got to try out his brand new Kentucky cowboy hat.
These good kids had a great week together!
And these girls loved trying on bubbas bronze medal.
He talked and talked, I love when he is happy and chatty.
This kid will do great things when he puts his mind to it.
And after a busy week, relaxing with some Chester hot fries and some Twitter is just what the doctor ordered.
I missed this part of the awards ceremony, but someone screenshotted this, and yay!
And one more for good measure.
Seriously, this kid. We are expecting big things. 

While we were in Oregon, a dentist called his dental teacher and asked if Chris would be interested in working for them. He's worked three days and loves it! He held the suction tool and helped with a cavity filling and worked on a lady with periodontal disease. Sounds disgusting to me, but he said it was so cool. 

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Debby said...

Congratulations! He is such a handsome young man.