Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Like a lion

This morning we watched little Morgan for an hour while charissa went to the school for a meeting. From there we headed to our meeting at Amanda's. Because Adley has am pre-k they don't usually get to play together, so they were so thrilled to see each other. This was as we were leaving, and they were saying hello through the glass door. Love. 
We rushed from our meeting to the school to help Addie set up her collections display. She's displaying her art supplies and it turned out so cutely!
She's got all different kinds of markers, paints, and colored pencils. Also do-a-dots, crayon rocks, stamps, and glitter glue. Up by the sign with her name we placed her first crayon with a sign for it. I thought it was a cute touch. 
It was Delaney's turn to help make dinner tonight. She emphatically chose breakfast dinner, and even though we had it last week, I agreed. She always puts her bows on the very top of her head and it's so goofy!
She was nervous to flip the hot cakes, but she dove right in.
We made a double batch of chocolate chip pancakes (some for eating, some for freezing), sausage, bacon, and eggs. We always have to have each of these things, otherwise it's not a complete meal. Last week she even sat and waited until I made some eggs before she would eat her pancakes. 
We also had some crazy storms today that caused dance to be cancelled. But not church. Good ol' Wednesday night activities must go on. Back at home, we piano'd, homeworked, read, tidied, and finally put girls to bed. Tomorrow is Dress as your Favorite Book Character Day, the fun just never stops. 

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