Monday, March 13, 2017

Disney Days #1-#8 - Matt's camera version

some from matt's camera that were fun. pretty sure this is a before shot. haha.
after the beauty and the beast show. our little climbers
sibs. another angle.
and we're all in the middle, the ones not there are #1 and #6.
more toy story ride cuteness.
playing in some of the first rain we got on our day at Hollywood studios.

more toy story fun. we really liked that ride.
cute miniature village in epcot. or ep-I-cot if you're addie.
now everytime we see the castle before a Disney movie the girls say "we've been there!"
girls enjoying it's a small world.
frankie Andretti on autopia.
she be a serious drivah.
creepy caves under the sea before the little mermaid ride.
safari'ing it up at the animal kingdom.
d the pest.
i love how it looks like you could just reach out and touch the zebras. you couldn't, but it looks like that.
matt thought it was so funny that everything was named harambe. something about the guys at work, idk.
holding some dung on discovery island.
and riding the train back from discovery island.
a ray with the ray's on the little mermaid ride.
i guess you can tell we rode that a lot.
frankie sparrow after some pirates action.
 d getting some pirates action. the size of the drop on the pirates ride was just about perfect for Delaney. not too high, not too short.
 and this splash mountain was more addie's style.
 this is addie and I totes posing for a selfie. hahaha, perfect timing!
 remember that beautiful sunset we caught while we rode autopia? matt's view from over the bridge.
alli and franks
 taylor and lanes.
 and the silly step-sisters.
 it would be fun to play them because they just act silly the whole time and make fun of peoples kids. I can totally dig that.
 laney was all like, oh ok, we're posing?
and then of course our little chatty cathies and all their observations and questions.
 we had fun with them.
 prince charming's carousel.
splash mountain junkies.
 the most magical place on earth.
 dance party with the incredibles!
 they were jamming out!
 and fist bumping with frozone.
and our trusty steed. I love this tank. I can't believe she's 9 this year!
she doesn't look that old, right?
 on the road again! looooong drive!
 and lastly, our little disco queen after eating a very disappointing (for momma at least) lunch at hardee's.
I am so glad we went. we had neither the time, nor the money, but we did it and made some memories to last a lifetime. I know it was only 2 months ago, but the girls still talk about it alllll the time and we've got books and pictures and a million blog posts to help them remember should they forget.
it was a week to remember!

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The Adventures of Smilin' Jack said...

What a great trip. Great memories. The ride I was trying to remember when I was talking with you was the StoryBook Land Canal Boat Ride. This is another of my favorite rides.