Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Disney Day #2 - Hollywood Studios - Part 2

Tower of Terror resulted in my favorite ride photo of all time, and it was totally a happy accident. To fully prepare our girls for the magic that is Disney I had been showing them ride videos, park maps, etc so they knew what to expect. But nothing can really prepare you for some things. 

Delaney and Max weren't tall enough, and Alli doesn't like ToT, so they were out immediately. I don't love it either, but Frankie really wanted to sit between me and matt, so I agreed. She was soooo nervous, I could feel her little heart beating fast abd strong. Amy was prepping her from behind as to what was going to happen (I couldn't remember exactly) and all the kids, and this mom, appreciated that. 

For those that have never enjoyed the ToT, it's an old, haunted hotel. It was super posh and hollywood elite used to go there, but then the elevator got struck by lightning and there you have the ghosts. So on the ride you go in and board a freight elevator that takes you up, through the hotel, and then drops you down, pulls you up, drops again, and continues at random. As soon as the first drop Frankie started screaming and didn't stop (but for breaths) until it finished dropping and rising. 
That is one terrified 6-year-old. I didn't even have time to be scared because I was so worried about Frankie. I've never heard someone scream like that, it was crazy! My dad was looking for the other brave kiddos Addie and Quinn. There they are!
Addie is not a screamer. When she is scared she withdraws into herself. It made me think of the way when some women labor they are calm and breathing, just completely wrapped up in their own thoughts. And some women scream in a very primal way. I do a little of both. 

When we were through tormenting our children on the Tower of Terror we walked back to the other side of the park. That was part of our rookie-ness, that we crisscrossed the park a million times. We didn't have a very good plan and it showed. 
At some point D and Max fell asleep, so amy and I hung out with them while the rest went to see the Muppets show. I was sad to learn that the street with all the facades is being taken out to make room for Toy Story and something else, maybe Star Wars? There is no backlot tour and they took out the water show I participated in on my last two (and only two) trips to Disney. It doesn't feel much like "Hollywood" anymore, and that makes me sad. But this makes me happy. 4/6 Seagrove kids enjoying the Magic kingdom! It was a really great trip and I'm so glad we splurged on it. 
We had fast passes to The Toy Story ride, which is one of my favs. 
The whole line is decorated like andy's room and the rider is one of the toys. Super cute!
And it's 3D, so that's pretty cool. I'm not a huge fan of 3D movies but I like it in small doses. 
Delaney and Frey were ride buddies, and also right in front of me. 
 I rode with frankenheimer. The ride is a game where you shoot at lots of different targets and earn points. It's a super smooth ride and it's fun to pull the rope and shoot the targets. I thought I did pretty good till I saw everybody else's score. 
After that it started to rain but passed pretty quickly. While it rained we stayed under cover and met some green army men. 
And that's how they sign their autographs too - green army guy. 
We met goofy and got his autograph. I loved the way he signed his name. 
We had separated from the rest of the group because they had taken the bigger girls to ride on Star Tours again. 
Delaney also got to meet Doc McStuffins. 
She loved it!
It's not often this caboose gets a one on one, so it was sweet. Max wasn't feeling the good doctor. 
Toy Story ride again and Frankie and I decided to rattle some bones. 
This time Alli and Delaney were in front of me. 
We met Olaf!
He doesn't know how to write his name yet, which I guess means the person acting as the character isn't proficient in signatures yet. So we got stickers. 
We had fast passes to the Rockin Roller Coaster, but it was clear on the other side of the park and the kids were pretty tired. So matt and I volunteered to keep them while the rest of the adults rode. 
We spent some time in a gift shop. Mostly to distract Max, who was not happy to be with anyone but amy. He was tired, in a new and overwhelming place, and he wanted his mom, all understandable. 
It had been blustery and rained off and on all day. There was a weather warning that caused them to cancel half of the Indiana Jones Show. As the evening wore on, the weather got worse. 
We walked around and enjoyed some of the things we hadn't seen. 
In spite of the storm, or I guess because of it, it was a beautiful night and a beautiful park. Z
The girls loved it. They really had so much fun!
This was the calm before the storm. Literally.