Tuesday, February 28, 2017

All about that Franks

It's funny that some days I look at the pictures I've taken that day and they are only of one person. Today, that person was Frankie. 

For Presidents' Day a lot of the children dressed up as their favorite president, then some of the girls dressed up as First Ladies. There wasn't anything organized, people just did. So Frankie had been asking for awhile, but most days she'd ask around 7:50 when we leave at 8:10, so that wasn't happening. Today she actually woke up early so we decided to go for it. We found the dress and jewelry that would work, I just needed to figure out that hair. First step - lots of hairspray and teasing. 
This is the look we were going for. Gotta love Jackie Kennedy!
This is what we came up with. Not my best work, but still pretty good I think. She was happy at least. 
And a full view. She came up with that pose all on her own and then I showed her how to sit and reminded her how to talk. She'd learned about her so she knew she loved art, literature, and fashion. 
Mrs G let her go up and tell about her First Lady. Love her!
Tonight was Frankie's night to help with dinner. She chose shrimp and was so excited to make it. 
We defrosted and sautéed and salt and peppered it until it had a nice pink color. And then everyone ate a few after which matt and Frankie finished them off. Girlfriend can eat some shrimp!
I had a couple nice visits. Best part of my job. The girls played outside complete with pillows and blankets and makeshift obstacle courses. And we got a good few hours of rain after that. 

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