Thursday, March 9, 2017

Disney Day #3 - Epcot - Part 1

After our first unplanned day we regrouped back at the condo after the kids had been put to bed. We studied maps and talked about what we wanted to do, what fast passes we had, and timing for everything. So the next day we were more prepared. Still not the perfectly planned theme park day, but a whole lot better!

First of all, it was still super blustery, but there was 0 chance of rain. Duh, duh, duhhhh! As we were in line for the bag checks, it starts pouring rain. So everyone took cover and waited for a good 10 minutes for the monsoon to pass. It would have been miserable to get wet right as we were entering the park, so I think we were wise, but it was such a bummer because we were so ready to go! The rain let up and we were off!
The matching hoodie crew had fun posing together in the mirrors underneath the iconic golf ball. 
They could have spent some time there, but we had characters to see!
First up - Mickey!
We saw one or two characters walking around, but mostly they were all positioned in their picture spots and you have to wait in line to take a picture with them. I miss the days when you could run into characters as you meander. 
Adorbs. (:
Next in line was Goofy. 
 These lines had a 30-60 minute wait all day, but we were able to get in in less than 5, which was pretty sweet. 
And all the little Minnie's with Minnie. 
And one stud too. 
Next we headed over to see the Inside Out characters. Whole crew!
 That line was much longer, we waited at least 15-20 minutes to see them. One good thing about their giant autograph books is that they were able to read them while we waited. 
I love Max's happy face! And Delaney totally mugging all over Joy!
So precious!
Oh no! Everybody's sad with Sadness!
Oh yay, joyful again with Joy. 
We loved how it felt like we were really in the movie. 
So fun!
I'm not sure what's happening here?
But next up was our fast pass for Test Track! This was Delaney's first scary ride, and she (and I) didn't really know it was scary. It was crazy loud on the outside of the building as the cars whizzed around the tracks outside, but we convinced her that it would be fun. 
She did not think it was fun. 
Neither did Frankie, though Frankie did want to ride again. Delaney was having none of it. 
It's basically a "test track" for a new car, so it takes you through bumpy roads, heat, cold, speeds you up fast and goes through some sudden stopping. Then you go fast around the building, not on the road, but on a track, almost like a roller coaster. 
We let them check out the cars afterwards 
Ps - you can tell that auntie alli did hair that morning. It was a favorite of all the little girls. 
After that we headed across the park for more adventures and some eating around the world!

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