Saturday, March 11, 2017

Disney Day #5 - Animal Kingdom - Part 2

On Discovery Island we met Chip and Dale and they were some of our favorite characters! 
They were playing pranks on each other and pouting. The crossed out the other ones pictures, they were super fun. 
The workers that were with them were super fun too. 
I love when people are having fun and it shows. 
We had a few minutes to walk around the veterinary lab and other displays inside the building there. 
These little wanna-be vets loved seeing the "doctors offices" for the animals. 
We also met another character there, but I guess amy took those pictures and she hasn't shared yet. 

The only reason we left when we did was that we had fast passes for Expedition Everest. We made it just in time to ride. That's an intense roller coaster! At one point the tracks get broken by the yeti so it goes in reverse. That part made me feel a little but sick, but it was still fun. I love Addie in the zone!
We saw these at a gift shop in Nepal and had to get a pic. Conqueror!
Little sister was too short to conquer, but she wouldn't have even if she was tall enough. That doesn't stop her from wanting a picture though. 
So cute! They've done a really good job making it feel authentic. Cleanly authentic. Not that I've ever been to to Nepal, but you know. 
Next we headed to Dino Land USA since we hadn't been there and had a fast pass for the Dinosaur ride. 
That area was lame because there were like 2 rides, one a rocky roller coaster that the kids wouldn't ride, and one a dinosaur ride that goes around ala Dumbo. Then the carnival games you had to pay for. Seriously Disney, I'm pretty sure the $100 you charge per ticket is enough to where you don't need to charge extra for carnival games. 
There was a cool play area that the kids loved. 
I can't remember why Max wasn't feeling it, but he wasn't. 
The only reason we left was that we had a fast pass for Dinosaur. That is the one drawback to fast passes, that sometimes you've got to cut short other fun things you're doing to make your appointment. I couldn't really remember the ride, and I was pretty sure D wouldn't like it, but I still wanted her to try it, so we fudged it a little. She wasn't happy. 😂
It was a fun ride but it was intense. I would have liked to have ridden it again, but we had finally gotten a dinner reservation for a character dinner, and we really wanted to ride the safari ride again. Addie really liked Dinosaur, so she and Alli stayed back to ride that a few more times while the rest of us safari'd. It was a gorgeous and magical evening walking across the park. 

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