Thursday, March 9, 2017

Disney Day #3 - Epcot - Part 3

We had also squeezed in one of the whole groups favoeite rides - Soarin' Over the World both in the morning and evening that day. Such a fun and unique ride and I love that they add fragrance to the flight. It's all about the details!

We also took this boatride around to look at the different plants and foods they grow there. Some state of the art stuff going on up in there. They have some restaurants that are fully stocked with foods from their gardens. 
We also rode on Spaceship Earth, which is the ride inside the golfball. It takes you all the way up and around it at just faster than a snails pace. It's interactive and you get to pick which futuristic environment saving features most interest you. Then it adds your heads to the presentation. Like so:
And so:
And so:
 We also checked out the astronaut gift shop. 
The kids were actually really good and didn't ask for a lot, which was good because they weren't getting a lot. 
We also rode Mission Space which is an interactive simulator ride that wasn't my fav. I actually let my claustrophobia get the better of me a little bit as I started imagining what would happen if something malfunctioned inside and we were all buckled and stuck. I was probably thinking that because they shut the simulator with us buckled in, and then didn't start the ride for another 10-15 minutes. Or so it seemed to us poor souls locked in the simulator. 

As we left for the day Delaney laid down and did this strange pose. It was seriously from left field!
So to recap. We left Epcot with a few regrets, the biggest being missing the Frozen ride. But we also missed Mulan in china, she just wasn't there, and Snow White in Germany, and ditto. Those 3 things aside, it was still a wonderfully fun day with food and cool rides. 

It was also this day that i fully gave in to the fact that I had a cold and I had it bad. I came home grumpy and went right to bed, which is not like me when I'm around my sibs. Matt bought me some DayQuil and cough drops the next morning and I carried a million tissues with me everywhere I went. Thank goodness for good cold medicine, otherwise I would have been miserable pretty much the whole trip. As it was I was tired and had a sore nose, but I can deal with that for some Magic Kingsom. 

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