Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dr. Suess love

March 2, the day kids all over the nation dress up as book characters. Ray girls are all over that! Even naked Rays. 
Presenting Frankie as Cindy Lou Who and Addie as Violet Baudelaire. 
She originally chose Junior B. Jones, but there is nothing distinctive about her at all. So I suggested Violet because at least she has the ribbon she puts in her hair when she's inventing. And since we had a long red ribbon instead of the black she asked for, she wore a red shirt. We also blow dried and straightened her hair that morning and she looked so very grown up!
Frankie originally wanted to be rapunzel, but then Roslyn wanted to be the Things with her, which she didn't want to do at first but then decided to do. But then they couldn't find their extra thing costume so she settled for Cindy Lou Who again. 
And presenting Delaney as Fancy Nancy in her first ever book character day. 
I curled her pony tail and we used tons of bows to make it look like fancy Nancy's crazy curly hair with lots of accessories. She wasn't sure about the hair at first but then decided she loved it. 
Last years version: 
Frankies cone and braids were a little longer last year, but not much else has changed. 
We had our inital iep meeting (more to come) and while we met Delaney hung out with her Ms. Lorri. They have always had a bond, those two! Right before we left Mrs. Ramsey asked to take a picture of them and lanes had a little meltdown, it was bizarre. But after we got home we talked about it and she agreed to take a picture with her when we went back to school that afternoon. So here. 
Johnna and I went and visited charissa while lanes was at school. She is getting baptized on Saturday so we taught her about visiting teaching and were able to share our testimonies of that inspired program. It's been so awesome to see her journey as she's prayed and pondered and chosen now to be baptized. So exciting!

After school I rode the tandem bike up to ge the girls. Except I forgot that Frankie couldn't ride her bike because she doesn't have a cone shaped helmet. And Delaney knew how windy it had been all day and has anxiety about the wind, so as soon as I told her I'd ridden not driven, she flipped. I really wanted a picture of the three of them together since Delaney wasn't ready before the big girls left that morning and Addie has Spanish on Thursday afternoons, but this is what I got. 
After a calm talk with momma she agreed to smile, and this is what I got. It's good, right?
After school snack time brought some admiring of baby bug. I heart her expressions!
 I could just stare at her all day, I swear. 
Thursday is addies busy day because she has Spanish and tumbling. It also happened to be parent observation day, so we got to go in and see their routine. Addie had the best handstand in the joint and a few more weeks of stretching and she'll have her splits. 
Her headstand is pretty good too. She is one of the oldest kids and we probably won't do the class again, but it's been fun. 
Lexi sent me this:
Looks like my baby has pink eye. He needs his mommy to go to the dr with him and rub his back! Pangs that I'm not there to help, but I know he's a big boy and he'll be ok. 

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