Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Friday was an at home day. D has been getting tired of those. I guess I should up my game. She did get her Barbie on pretty well. 
That night we had the elders over for dinner. And Addie tried on her very large bridesmaid dress. 
Early Saturday morning we went to Cherissa's baptism. Addie went early with me and we set up the brunch. I gave the talk on baptism, and I think it went well. Noreen gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and it was amazing. It all went well and it was a relief to b through. 

We rushed from the church to Michael's for birthday gifts and then Laney was off to a Frozen party. 
Look at all ththe Elsa's!
Sarah took her for me, and I was going to watch Abby but she was sick. 
The party looked super cute though!
After that party we headed to Beth's anniversary party. They've got millions of animals and my girls were in heaven. Too bad it was cold outside. Not that it bothered them, but it kept me inside the whole time.  
When we got home it was time for the bath and the girls were so excited to use the bath bomb Bubba sent for Valentine's Day. Fun for all ages!
Ok Sunday I taught the RS lesson about scripture study. It went well and another sigh of relief that it's off my plate. 

I've been trying to get daddy Sunday dinners going since we got married, but 2 weeks ago I officially "enforced" it. The first week we had chili lasagna (don't ask) but this week matt got lucky because the mccombs invited us over. That allowed matt to get fancy with a German chocolate cake mix he'd bought a few months ago. Not too bad! He was very proud of that cake!
Sunday was also our Stake Indexing Marathon (so no ward council, woohoo!) so we indexed as much as we could. Matt worked on Spanish records and that included some places he'd served on his mission. 
I did about 40 records. I wish I could have done more, but we visited with mccombs and then I went with Johnna to visit Charlene at the hospital. And then, you know, kids. And I couldn't keep my eyes open towards the end there, so I knew it was time to throw in the towel. We missed our goal of 20,000 (we only did 12,000) but we'll keep working on it all of March. We'll get there!
Today was the big Jurassic Park day for 3rd grade. The windows were all blacked out and they got to ride in "jeeps" to their different destinations. They had several security breaches, so I am thankful this little paleontologist made it out safely. 
Gotta have those binoculars at the ready!
So sweet, so awkward. 
It was also Miss Lorrie's birthday, so her little buddy made her a card and we picked her up some flowers. 
We love our school. (:
Addie sent Alexis, Bubba, and Cade each a card. Lexi posted her card to Cade. That girl has a heart of gold. 
She might be a messy little lady, but she sure is sweet. 
I'm working with Delaney on not being such an angry elf. I tried to be relatable, so since they often think I am angry, I told her we could help each other. I suggested that we have a word that will help to calm each other down when we're feeling mad. I came up with Princess Poppy for her and lighthouse for me. She wasn't thrilled, and has never responded kindly to me telling her "Princess Poppy," but this morning when I was grump-tastic about messy kids and messy backpacks I heard a little voice whisper "lighthouse." She is so precious, I just love that little angry girl. 

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