Friday, March 10, 2017

Disney Day #3 - Epcot - Part 2

At 11:00 the World Showcase opened so we headed over there. It was time to eat our way around the world and we were ready! We started in Oh Canada!
I heart traveling and learning about other cultures and eating other foods, so I was loving it. Because we had done our homework we knew that there was no authentic Canadian fare, so I went in search of something that would work. 
I found a couple chocolate maple candy bars. That's pretty authentic, right?
From Canada we headed over to Great Britain. Addie had an important call to make. 
We knew exactly what we wanted from there - fish and chips, and they were super yummy!
It's seriously gorgeous there!
While the rest of the crew waited in line for Alice in Wonderland we let the kids watch the birds. 
Delaney has always got something to say!
And Frankie usually does too. Addie does too for that matter. What's with my big talkers?
She's such a nut! I can't even remember, but it looks like she was dancing for Alice. 
France was a favorite stop. Delicious desserts! 
I love closed eye pictures. 
 Pretty France! Pretty cousins!
Somehow we all crossed wires and we ended up with like 10 desserts for our 11 people. Whoops! A happy accident I suppose. 
We met Belle while we were there. She wasn't my fav character, not super friendly. 
These pictures make me want to go back right now. And not just because we were eating our way around the world. 
These 5 crazies!
Morocco was our next destination! Just a couple of Henna's at the henna shop! We did not partake. 
But we did partake of this deliciousness. Super tasty!
And Japan! Now we were picking up the pace because time happens in a vacuum there and we still had so much we wanted to do!
And 'Merica!
Alli and they freylors picked us up some Japanese sushi and we grabbed some chicken tenders and fries from America. Because when we eat around the world we do it thoroughly. 
We tried to let the sillies run around where they could. In Italy they climbed!
I headed in search of Italian fare again. Love the architecture!
Gelato it is!
The kids enjoyed watching this little train setup while we took turns in the restroom. 
Two sisters and their girls!
 Germany was next in the circle. Warm pretzels were delish. 
And on our way to china we went through a garden bridge. We grabbed some potstickers and egg rolls from there. 
In Norway we stopped to say hello to Elsa and Anna. 
There was a long, long wait. Matt stayed outside with a sleepy Laney, which was a bummer. 
It was finally our turn and Anna got right to work signing our books. 
And only 4 excited littles. 
Love the hugs! She was sweet. 
And of course, Elsa. They were all mesmerized. 
Thank goodness she didn't go all ice crazy on us!
Have I mentioned how much I loved the architecture? It was all so pretty!
In Norway we got the famous School Bread that was tasty. Biggest regret of the whole week was that we didn't ride the new Frozen ride. The line was 90+ minutes long, but if we'd have been smart we would have gone there first. Oh well!

Mexico was our last destination, and after an afternoon of eating, we were ready to ride!
We finished off our world trip eating tour with some loaded nachos. It was so fun and if Disney was smart they'd capitalize on that and offer a passport and more dining options. I know we aren't the only chubbies that focus their day around eating around the world. 
This silly 3 Cabalerros Mexican ride was super silly, but all the kids, especially Laney loved it! We rode it several times and then headed back to Future World. 

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