Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Disney Day #1 - travel day

We got everything packed up and ready to go, and headed to bed nice and early on Friday night (January 20th). Or early'ish at least. we had planned to get up at 4am and get on the road, since it's just about a 13 hour trip down to Orlando. Only, we couldn't sleep. It was like that old Disney commercial where the kid says "I'm too excited to sleep!" Well that was matt and I. We woke up around 1 and just couldn't get back to sleep. So at 2:00 we finally got up and going. We got the girls up and they were so excited that they never went back to sleep either. Major backfire to our awesome plan. 
That resulted in some of this:
They weren't terrible, but they were super tired. And so were we. 
It was a stormy day with lots of rain off and on, which was annoying. 
The girls watched a lot of movies, read some books, played some games. Did not sleep. 
We decided to stop for a little break at the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial in Georgia (I think). It was a nice place to walk around and stretch. 
We read all the signs and statues. 
We climbed and ran. 
And taught and kicked. 
D had some important calls to make on ma old flip phone. 
We stayed there for about an hour. That was our first extended stop. The rest had just been for gas and pottys. 
Then it was on the grumpy road again!
Next stop - our fav welcome center!
By this point we were getting excited. We'd made decent time and were already in Florida, hooray!
See face cutouts, must do. 
But seriously, that's a cute welcome center, right?
And last one... for now. 
And the reason it's our fav. Free Florida orange and grapefruit juice.
D couldn't be bothered with our juice because she was playing with the astronaut. 
Outside they have different animal tracks to check out. So fun!
Palm trees! And stormy skies!
We found an authentic Wendy's to grab some dinner and then back on the road. By this point we were ready to stop for the day. Our girls were pointing out hotels to us and we were all pretty done with being in the car. 
And another. 
Meanwhile back on the tundra Bubba was boarding it up with some fresh powder at kelly canyons. 
I like him hanging out with spencer. It's good stuff. And I love getting pictures from him!
And the road weary travelers. Whew, that was a long drive!
We hit traffic in Orlando so our map rerouted us. We were so ready to arrive and thankfully the  "short cut" ultimately saved time. We finally rolled up after 8:00pm. We said hi to auntie Alli, got girls to bed and unpacked. While I was checking in to the condo I heard on the news that the next day Florida was expecting tornados and heavy winds. I don't know what is up with us, Florida; and tornados, but I was a little nervous. 

Alli and I stayed up till Amy's flight got in and then we picked her crew up at the airport around midnight. I was a tad sleepy. But ready for some Disney fun!!!

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