Saturday, March 11, 2017

Disney Day #5 - Animal Kingdom - Part 1

I love the Animal Kingdom! Funny because animals aren't my favorite, but it was my second fav park after MK. 
Our first order of business was characters. This was probably our smoothest morning too. We made good time in the morning and left when we planned. 
Then our group won 2 Eagle Scouts met the park Eagle Scout. 
Such a funny and random character to have a spot at the park. But he helps with the Wilderness Adventures which we had decided to let the kids do. 
Next was a friend from our neck of the woods, Pocahontas. 
There were no lines for any of these characters either, we just walked on up. It was pretty awesome planning on our parts. 
I love little angel Maxwell's pose!
Then as we mosied back to where we wanted to be we picked up some Wilderness stickers. 
You learn about different wildernessy things, answer a few questions, and receive as sticker badge. This was right up my alley, a fun list to check off? Yes please!
We collected badges until Baloo and Cousin Louie "opened."
Love the hugging pictures!
After that we watched the super cute show A Bug's Life. At the end they ask people to stay put so our insect friends can leave first, and then you feel what feels like bugs crawling across the back of your seat, it's so fun! We played some djembes as we traversed the park. 
Addie actually liked the instruments so much that she bought a small one as her souvie. 
The workers weren't sure if Tarzan would come out because it was a tad chilly as it was still early, but that manly man braved the temps. 
He found something fun in Addie's hair. 😂
After that it was time for some rides! We'd gotten almost every character there and it was still early. 
Time for safari fast passes! It is sooo nice to breeze past a long line like you own the place. I heart fast passes. 
That was one of Frankie's new faces. Cute, right?
I remember this was one of Christian's favorite rides, and it did not disappoint this time either. 
Another version of her new face. I think she was pointing at crocodiles. 
There was a baby elephant that was just about 3 months old and she was SO cute!!!
Seriously, the whole truck was just ahhhhing at that precious baby!
After the safari we did a little nature hike. There were like 7 badges we could earn along the way, so the kids had fun. 
Little worker bees!
We saw The Lion King show and it was fabulous! Delaney had fallen asleep and slept through the whole thing, super bummer because it was so fun!
We took the train (twice) over to Discovery Island where we picked up a few more badges. 

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