Monday, March 13, 2017

Disney Day #6 - Magic Kingdom (again) - Part 3

So back to Astro Orbiter. It sits on top of a building, so it's pretty high. We weren't brave enough to take our Orbiter up, which meant that the centripetal force pushed us to the edge of our Orbiter, whereas if we would have flown higher it wouldn't have been so bad. Anyways, none of us liked it. 
We had fast passes for autopia, which is actually now the Tomorrow Land speedway, but will always be autopia to me! Addie is a crazy driver!
I think she thinks driving means whipping left to right. I swear I had whiplash. 
As we came around a curve I saw this:
Some more of that good-good Disney Magic. Only real this time. 
She might have been crazy, but she was having fun!
These were the times that it was nice to have 6 adults to our 5 kids, because none were tall enough to drive alone. Addie was just short about an inch. 
Delaney ride with auntie Alli. 
Our last fast pass of the night was one we'd been waiting for! Peter Pan!
It did not disappoint. It quickly became a top 3 for all of the kids. They've recently revamped it but it is still definitely classic awesomeness. We all wondered why they don't do more rides like this where you are "flying." Also, there was never less than a 30 minute wait for this ride, most times between 60-90 minutes. It's cray-cray!

Also, I found a decent picture of the kids with Alana of Avalon. She wasn't actually that big a deal (or at all a big deal) for my girls because since we cancelled cable they don't watch her. Still fun though and M&Q loved her. 
Also, who doesn't love a phone booth full'o'kids in Great Britain? Not me. 
''Twas another night closing the place down and grabbing fast food on our way home. We let the kids pick their souvies on the way out too. Vacay was winding down, and while we were all tired, it was totes sad to only have one more park day left. 

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Smilin' Jack said...

Oh, only ONE picture of Peter Pan!?! It's still my favorite ride in either Disneys.