Monday, March 13, 2017

Disney Day #8 - the long drive home

Saturday morning came. We bathed kids and fed breakfasts. Alli took Frey and Taylor to the airport as we all packed and prepped. And then just like that it was time for goodbyes. It's so funny that these cousins are only a month apart!
Max ain't nobody's baby. 😂

These kids had so much fun! Climbing in lines, riding the rides, cheesing it up with the characters. It was wonderful. 
They love each other. 
And finally max decided to get in on those group hugs. 
We left around 9 or 10. Apparently I was all pictured out because I didn't take a single pic of the ride home. It was easy and uneventful, thankfully. We watched movies and went through drive thrus, read books, and listened to moana and trolls. Sarah had made us that cd, and we seriously listened to it every day. The 30 minute drives to and from Disney were rocked out to with moana and Trolls. Haiiiir up! It was so fun!

We realized somewhere in nc that laura and David were just about 60 miles ahead of us. So funny and random. We rolled into the smc around midnight. We brought in just the essentials, kids, toothbrushes, and perishables. And then we climbed into our beds where, grateful for an amazing week off of work, playing with our family, seeing new and fun things, and eating all the food, we fell fast asleep. 

And a bonus picture of some Epcot treats from France. Because food is where it's at. 

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