Monday, March 13, 2017

Disney Day #6 - Magic Kingdom (again) - Part 2

We loved Pirates of the Caribbean! One of my favs for sure!
And who doesn't love a little Jack Sparrow wig action?
We rode the Jungle Cruise several times, love that one too! For some reason we have no pics. But we have lots of pics of Aladdin!
Sweet Frankie got her cold sore while we were there. :/
We hung out riding the carpets until just before it was time for Aladdin and jasmine to come sign autographs and then got in line. The kids made use of their time in line to have a sword fight. 
They were some of our favs too! They said "oh! There are 5 of you! Where is that fine sultan friend of ours? He told us all about you! Call the sultan over!"
Turns out matt had run into them and told them about our crew who would be so excited to meet them. They were so cute about it and made a big deal about our kids. 
And then they had the kids all pose like them. Max is doing his darndest to stand like a true sultan. 
Loved them, they were so great!
Then it was time for another go round on Splash Mountain. Addie loved it!
Going up before the big drop!
So much fun in one little log! How cute is to-the-Max?!? Brave boy!
And the awesome picture. 
Frey gave the girls each a pin to either keep or trade. Lanes traded and was so proud of herself. 
Froggy traded too. It was so fun!
Matt and Alli used a fast pass for an extra ride. Matt filmed while he went down and we all got a good laugh. And Alli did the bored rider.  Haha!
We rode Astro Orbiter, but didn't love it. More on that adventure to come!

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