Sunday, March 12, 2017

Disney Day #6 - Magic Kingdom (again) - Part 1

By our 5th day in the parks we were all over it. We had our system going and the kinks worked out. 
We were even having fun on the monorail into the park. I made sure to put myself in both pictures of course. 
Frankie picked this doll from a Lilo and Stitch sequel, Angel, I think her name was. And because toys are so much more fun at the place you bought them, I let her bring it into the park. And she didn't lose it. And she was actually pretty good about sharing. 
I take my vitamins in the morning, so I generally have to use the restroom pretty quickly in the morning. We figured out a way to make that happen efficiently. Addie and I went through the no bag line and got in quickly, then met up with the group. I'm all about efficiency. (too much so probably)
I love this big girl. 
 Since we had been to the MK one day already, we decided to see the characters we'd missed. Cinderella was up first! And Delaney has turned into such a dancing queen. 
Max got lots of princess kisses on his cute little cheeks. He had the cutest lipstick marks. 
Cinderella used to be my favorite growing up. 
And tiana next. They had the princesses sectioned off by twos. 
I don't have the pictures of the kids smiling with her. Amy does and she can't seem to upload them properly to share them. Come on, FB, get with it. But here is matt and I. And Delaney did make me say my favorite line from her movie "Daaaaaddy, were making guuummmbbboooo!"
And rapunzel for good measure. Our crew always had lots to say!
Max is such a darling little angel. 
And because we'd seen it done while we were waiting and thought it was so cute - 
Only max wasn't feeling it. But it kind of makes the picture more funny, right?

He's wishing he had longer hair for sure. 
Carousel riding! Pretty sure we didn't ride this our first day. 
More autographs from Ariel in her grotto. 
The little sailor didn't want to sit. Amy must have the better pictures of Ariel too. 
And since we were over there, we walked right on to the ride. 
It was super cheesy and the Ariel and Eric waving at the end looked like there was something seriously wrong with them. They were slow waving and slow blinking. Get with it, Disney. Addie got on a riding solo kick. As long as the lines weren't bad, we let her. Big girl!
After that we experienced a Disney miracle. We had walked over to get Gaston's autograph, but the worker told us that he was leaving and wouldn't be back for awhile. So we all went potty there and when I came out I asked her when exactly he'd be back. She said that a family had just left the line and that we could go ahead and seem him. Then I called my crew of 11 over and made her regret her kindness. 😂
On Gaston's page it says "Gaston loves belle, but she has no interest in him," so he crossed out the line that says she has no interest in him, and the girls all thought that was so hilarious. They laughed and laughed. 
Max wasn't feeling him either...
He asked the girls who their favorite princess was and then was like "well what about belle? She's nice!" They got a kick out of that too. And lanes and Quinn were the only ones feeling the flexing. 
Some more Small Works action followed our miracle. Walked on again. 
Such a nostalgic ride!
And the slow pace was just up our 80-year-old 5-year-olds alley. 
These two were thick at tbieves. I think because Quinn is so tall, she seems older. Addie and Quinn for along really well, not that the others didn't, but you know. 
Haunted Mansion fun. Everyone loved that one. Except Frankie, but she only got nervous at the beginning and then loved it. 
We also got a fun group shot of all of us with the hearse carriage but, Amy. And now she's gone for a week in Greece, so I'll have to really finish when she gets home. So far we're missing, in addition to the ones already mentioned, Sleeping Beauty, tinker bell, most of Alana, and Stitch. And those are just the ones I can remember. 

Speaking of Alana, this is the one that Alli took. It's good, right?
It was just about lunch time, so we took the littles out to Tom Sawyer Island for a picnic lunch. So hard to get a good picture with him. 
We stopped to watch splash mountain on our way. So fun!
To make up for the dumb shot. 
Rafting out to the island! And a nice shot by yours truly. 
We found a table in the shade and enjoyed our nice packed lunch. We happily ate our packed lunches and snacks every day, it went really well. 
Then the kids loved climbing all around the fort. Especially miss sassy cowgirl herself. 
More mainland hijinks to come!

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