Friday, March 10, 2017

Disney Day #4 - Magic Kingdom - Part 1

By our 3rd day in the parks we were developing a better system for our huge crew. We'd figured out the best placement of bags, sweaters, and strollers. It wasn't really busy, but it was more crowded than we thought it would be. The first day at MK we took the ferry from the parking lot, though I think it's a pretty slow way to go. 

Our first stop was to meet Merida and there was no line, yay!
She was cute and sweet with our brood. 
That wig of hers has to weigh a little bit!
Alli had the idea to do the 2 parks with the least rides first, that way the kids weren't crazy disappointed to go to them. I think it was a good idea, and by day 3 of parking it we were all ready for some rides!
Thankfully for our girls they have aunties that will ride tea cups with them, because mommy and daddy do not. 
Disney is a whole different world from the last time we came. All the things we can do with our phones (we didn't have smart phones in 2011) is amazing! You can check ride wait times, which is a total game changer. It's so nice to be able to just look at your phone and be like, "oh, there's no wait for Splash Mountain, let's go!" You can pick fast passes, make restaurant reservations, and view pictures all with your handy smart phone. It's pretty awesome. 

We saw that there was no wait for the Little Mermaid ride so we hopped in a seashell and rode. 
Then on to Dumbo! The Dumbo ride has a fun children's waiting area where the kids can play and they buzz you when it's your turn to ride. We thought about doing that, but it takes longer than waiting in line and the line wasn't that long. 
The kids continued to switch up ride buddies very seamlessly. 
And the continued to get along really well!
Birthday twins in the hizzow!
Da crew! It's challenging getting a picture of all 11 of us. For one thing, we didn't stay together the whole time. We did for most of the time, but the childfree gang went off on their own occasionally. And getting all 11 posed and ready and then finding someone to take a picture, all a process. Like for this hilarious pic we had to ask two different people because the first guy took one before we were all ready and that was it. I'm glad we made the effort to get several with all of us though!
Fast passes for Splash Mountain! One of my favs! I was super anxious at first, like I didn't even know if I wanted to ride, but the more rides we rode helped that to go away almost completely. Everyone rode this first time and there was absolutely no coercing. Everyone was excited and happy. And then, the drop...
Delaney was pretty mad and "hated that!" Frankie wasn't mad, but didn't love it. And Addie wanted to ride again. I think it became a favorite for Addie!

Long days = tired kiddos. 
And gift shops are always fun. 
We headed to Adventure Land where we tasted a Disney classic for the first time - the delicious Dole Whip. 
Super yummy! I highly recommend!
Then it was time for the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. More Adventure Land to come!

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