Thursday, March 2, 2017

The baby bug turned 5

On January 29 our baby girl turned 5. Gahhhh! We had gotten home from Florida Saturday night after midnight, so it was not our best birthday effort. I did make some canned cinnamon rolls before I left for ward council, so I think that's a solid B for effort. 
The festivities were pretty lame, like super lame, but sweet girl really seemed to love her special day. And we had just gotten back from 6 days at Disney, sooooo, can't really complain. Ellie gave her this cute Lego set, so this was the first present she opened right after church. 
Pure joy. 
Preparations might have been lame, but we did thoroughly snuggle and love up on our sweet birthday girl!
Can't. Get. Enough. 
After she'd changed into her birthday duds and we'd eaten our frozen pizza (in my defense, she changed her mind from breakfast dinner to pizza on the day of and we didn't have any pepperoni) it was present time. Does it get any better than 5-year-old present opening faces?
She loved her gifts, and I think the amount was perfect. She didn't get much, but she loved each of them and it was just enough to play with. 
She asked for a white cake with blue frosting. I happened to have a can of blue frosting, which seems really gross to me, but she loved it. 
Also, she wanted to help with her cake, and it was her birthday, so help with the cake she did. 
So sweet and so easily pleased. 
Still don't know how it's been 5 years since this dimple chinned, arm rolled baby girl came into our lives. We couldn't love her more!
I made a  cute collage of the cute pictures from each cute birthday post I've made for her. 
Delaney is smart, fun, temperamental, sweet, generous, kind, obedient, honest, loving, and just the perfect end cap to our crazy gang. I never believed the hype about the "baby" of the family, but then I saw her face, and I'm a believer. 

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