Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Disney Day #2 - Hollywood Studios - Part 3

More Hollywood studios meandering that evening. With 5 kids in tow including one sleeper, we were slightly limited. 
We went to a Frozen Sing Along where we all sang at the top of our lungs. It was really fun. 
And then we got to meet disneys newest heroine - moana. 
She was fun and told them lots of stories and answered all of their little questions. 
She even looked for hey-hey because they asked where he was. 
Then things got reeeally fun. While we were visiting moana it had started to downpour, the kind of torrential rain that has been building all day until the skies opened and let loose. So we could either stay in that building and do nothing, or beeline across the street to meet Buzz and Woody. Still not sure it was the smartest, but I'd do it again given the same options, we covered kids as best we could (we had a few ponchos and rain coats) and ran as fast as our 5 little sweeties could run across the street. Major drama ensued. 

Quinn and Max were both about done. Both had napped and we had woken them up since it was late evening and we wanted to make sure they'd sleep that night. Amy and crew had ridden the roller coaster a few times and gotten stuck in the downpour at the front of the park, so they were wanting their mom, and now crazy auntie and uncle just ran them crazy style through a monsoon. They were all a little wet, a little grumpy, and a lot annoying. We cuddled and tried to soothe as best we could as we waited in line. Then we meet these angels. This woman pulled up movies and games on her phone and she was so sweet with the kids (I couldn't do that because my phone was almost dead and I needed to get ahold of the rest of the crew). We made friends and I will always remember their kindness. 
And it really was worth it when we met buzz and woody. They stood out as some of the most fun characters. 
Love the long hugs!!!
Woody teased each of them. With D he played with her petals on her raincoat. 
Peekaboo with Addie. 
Pushed Max's buttons. 
And played with Quinnie's mouse ears. Not sure how I missed Frankie, but oops. 
You can still see Quinn's red eyes from crying after our harrowing ordeal. And where is Frankie again?
Happy boy! For a few minutes at least. (:
And a group shot where Laney isn't playing with buzz's buttons. 
Buzz was fun too, giving cool handshakes. 
 And fives of course. 
After we met them the rain had almost completely stopped and we figured we should make a break for it while we could. We piled as many in the stroller as we could and the rest ran for their lives to the front of the park. We were tired and wet but our first day was through and it was oh so fun! 

And for our meal in the park, because food is important, we just ate chicken tenders and lame fast food. Most of the restaurants were booked especially for a party of 11, so we made do with some quick food. 

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