Friday, March 10, 2017

Disney Day #4 - Magic Kingdom - Part 2

The kids loved the Magic carpets! 
We rode it several times. 
Uncle Frey let each of the girls crush a penny for their collection. Delaney was working it with all her might!
In line for the Jungle Cruise Max and D showed each other some love. 
So funny that they are the same height, but Max has got at least 10 lbs on this skinny Minnie. And lanes is almost exactly 2 years older than him. 
So sweet!
And back to the Magic carpets!
The weather had finally chilled out and it wasn't crazy windy anymore. It was finally perfect weather. 
We watched Fantasmic with those awesome 3-d glasses. 
And recreated our Cosmic Ray's picture. #hadto
Then we used our fast passes for Space Mountain. Matt didn't want to go, and Laney and Max weren't tall enough. Frankie and Quinn were on the fence, especially when they found out we couldn't sit next to each other. Frankie finally agreed when I told her I'd hold her hand the whole time. I only rode it once and it was so fun!
While we rode, Matt and the littles danced with Frozone and the Incredibles.  They have a dance party every night in Tomorrow Land. 
So precious. 
In Tomorrow Land we also rode Buzz Lightyears ride, which is kind of like the one at Hollywood Studios, but lamer. 
And the pictures are so ridiculous! 😂

One of Delaney's favorite rides was It's a Small World. We rode it again and again because it was getting late and there was no line. 
 It's still just as delightfully tacky as ever, which I love. 
We stayed till closing every night (except for the very last one) and enjoyed every minute! We rode on almost every ride, some several times. Favs were Haunted Mansion (except Frankie cried every single time we got on, and then ended up loving it every single time), Splash Mountain, and Small World. 

We still hadn't had a sit down dinner yet because there were no reservations to be had. Since we were still good on snacks and food from lunch, we decided to pick up something fast on our way home and save a few bucks.  We grabbed some BK and were every bit as happy as if we'd spent double that in the park. 

Frey and Taylor had rented a car, and the rest of us piled into the jolly green. There were a few times we had 9 with us, but we managed and everyone made it safely to our destination. We'd get home, put kids to bed, unpack and repack bags, snacks, and lunches, and prep breakfast. It was a lot of work, but all the food I brought worked out really well and was so nice not to have to worry about buying every meal. We'd usually grab a snack and take it in line with us, and then by the time we got to the ride we'd killed the bag. 

And that wraps up our first day at Magic Kingdom!

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Smilin' Jack said...

Wow!! What a great adventure!! I shoulda gone but no one asked me. Love the blog. I'm looking forward to seeing FantasyLand and Peter Pan. Hooah!!