Saturday, March 11, 2017

Disney Day #5 - Animal Kingdom - Part 3

Some fun from Alli and Addie's extra Dinosaur riding. 
 The picture is taken when a huge dinosaur is roaring and coming at you, not during a drop. Looks like Addie didn't get the cool hands memo from Alli. 
And a few cute shots from our first safari ride earlier in the day. 
We heart zebras!
On our way from Dino Land back to the safari we got a picture in front of the tree of life. 
Two things - Max was asleep with his head slumped forward like that, and the show It's Tough to be a Bug is inside the tree. Super cute. 
Walking through market places. 
I have loved being able to vacation with my family and for our kids to get to know each other. The past few years we've actually been able to get together quite a bit. 
We walked right onto the safari ride because there was no line. Animal kingdom had the least crowds of any of the parks. It was soooo nice!
Gorgeous girls and gorgeous sunset. I had said earlier that day that I wanted to ride again during sunset and we were able to make it happen. It turns out though that that particular sunset was a little too gorgeous and made magical by the magicians at Disney. One of the riders asked the tour guide if it was real and she said coyly "its as real as it needs to be. (:"
Delaney = fun times. 
While the kids had been playing at the Dino park, Alli and I had been doing research to find a good authentically foreign restaurant because the smells throughout the park were seriously mouth watering! Also, this Mickey liked to surprise people, and Alli was surprised!
We asked some sweet employees and checked their suggestions on our handy apps, and found that we could get a reservation at a good time and for the 9 of us that were still at the park. 
Turns out that the place we picked was a buffet, a very expensive buffet and one that we were ill prepared for. Read: we weren't hungry enough to do proper damage. 
But it was our one nice dinner of the whole week, so it was all good. And I'm pretty sure that by the 3rd person, the people were no longer surprised, but whatever. I guess when you can't talk you've got to find other ways to communicate. 
 The buffet was super tasty too, and it was big. One cute thing is that they had a small serving station for kids so they could see their food and get it for themselves, and they loved that!
They'd play fun music and come dance with the kids, which inevitabley led to several conga lines.  
Addie was hesitant to join the line. I think she's getting older and more aware of herself and feeling self conscious. I was proud of her that she got over it and danced. 
It was cute and fun. 
There were 4 characters - Donald and Daisy, Mickey, and Goofy maybe? I can't remember and don't have any pictures so i must have been at the buffet or in the restroom. 
And bonus points because they were the safari versions. 
The dinner also worked well because a lot of sections of AK close early, and then that park closes earlier than all the others. So it was pretty perfect. After our long buffet dinner, where we all really tried to eat our money's worth, but none of us did (maybe matt), I took A and F to buy a souvenir. Amy and I had planned in advance and had been giving the kids little gifts (tsum tsums, Disney nail appliqués, etc) each day and had also printed cute Disney cash for their one souvie we'd let them choose towards the end of the trip. The little gifts actually weren't necessary because they didn't really ask for anything, but it was fun to give them fun little gifts. You can't really see it, but the tree of life was behind them and they were lighting it up really prettily. 
And the parked looked so nice at night. I just loved that whole day. 
Because it was a slightly earlier night than we'd been having, we gave the kids baths that night. Another fabulous day!

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