Monday, April 3, 2017

Field trip!

On March 7 Addie and I got to go on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History. She had really wanted (and has been wanting) matt to go with her, and he was in tap to, but had an unexpected flight test come up so he wasn't able to at the last minute. Then I got to adjust everything to make the trip happen. It all worked out and we had a wonderful day. 

Girlfriend loves to read. We'd had a little miscommunication that morning and so she finished her book pretty quickly on the ride up. So we got creative for the rest of the trip. (:
Snack before museum'ing. 
We got to have another little boy with us and we all agreed to check out the rocks and gems first.  
These two nerds loved it. 
Pretty sure I took this exact picture last year when her class did the very same field trip. 
Hope diamond!
This trip was fun because we got to see an IMAX movie about dinosaurs. We've never done that at any of the museums, so it was a special treat. Addie was disappointed though because her teacher had told her it might be scary so she was expecting action, but then it turned out to be a documentary. 

I am still so thankful to live just outside of such an amazing city. 
Around 12:00 we ate lunch on the mall. I asked Ms. McNeil if we could get a nice class picture. Lucky kids!
And a silly shot!
Me and my ad's. Love her so much!
Another great D.C. Field trip!

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