Thursday, January 25, 2018

Tsunamis and catch ups

I woke up early this morning and one of the first things i saw was a tsunami watch for the whole west coast. I texted, and woke up, Dad and checked to make sure all was well. Thankfully it was. 

It was another glamorous day of grocery shopping, Presidency meeting, vt’ing, and the like. It was beautiful today - off and on rainy and so warm - 70 degrees! I didn’t take a single picture, other than our 2 second every day. 

So on to the catch ups! Hoping to be done with December soon. 

We held our second annual hot chocolate stand. Because of our generous friends and neighbors, and our amazingly generous little girls, we were able to donate just a few dollars more than we did last year. And this was the only picture taken, and it was taken by our last customers, Lindsay and Amy. 

One day we went somewhere and I took pictures of each of the girls...

Fascinating, right?

Such is the life of a lane blogger. 

Darlaina left this on our porch one night. We miss our wonderful friends so much!

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