Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sick Tuesday

Lanes and franks both woke us not feeling well. This happens not infrequently because lanes and franks also like to stay up well past their 7:30 bedtime  talking, playing, and reading. We had a nice back tonschool breakfast of eggs and bagels, and pushed through the pain, although rather grudgingly. It’s like i had a 6th sense, because I fully expected and was ready for the mid-morning call to pick Frankie up. Thankfully Bubba was home from the dentist and able and willing to hook it up. 

She hung out in mom and dad’s room watching her programs all day. Kid sick days are bomb. 

Bubba was home because he got his braces off this morning! Seems like he left and 15 minutes later sent me this:

Yay! I have forgotten so much in my life, but I can still clearly remember the awesome day i got my braces off and how weirdly amazing (and slimy) my teeth felt. He’s a happy boy!

And she’s a happy girl!

I never go to insta, but did his morning for some reason and loved it. She’s so cute. 

I worked on our family calendar ALL DAY LONG. A few years ago sis-in-law sara had an idea to be in charge of a family calendar once every 6 years (each sin takes a turn). This was my year. And January 2 seems like a good day to make a calendar for the year. There are a lot of us and I’m pretty obsessed with fairness and equal time. Baby Zach won for most pictures (12) and adult niece Taylor for least (1). If you don’t post a lot on fb and don’t come to family reunions, I got nothing. Glad it’s done and I think they are cute. 

Matt and I made broccoli soup and then unveiled amour new family theme: Home can be a Heaven on Earth. And also a scripture to go along with that:

We are redoing and fixing this White House on Pensive Street up, inside and out, spiritual and temporal. Cannot. Wait. 

Goodbyes were said to Bubba since we leave for the airport in the wee small hours of the morning tomorrow. 

It was fun to have Scott and his brother over for dinner and fhe. (Lanes prayed for them, but she couldn’t remember Zach’s name😂). They’re cute boys and Chris loves them. He wishes he had brothers, but instead he’s got 4 sisters. At least there’s new Bubba to keep him company. 

(Before lex and cade came to visit ((and even while they were here)) I kept saying “Bubba and sissy this and that.” One time when I did that lanes said (((verybaeriously))) you could just call cade ‘new Bubba.’ And a nickname and awesome story were born.)

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