Monday, January 8, 2018

DC - part 2

Next up were the botanical gardens, which I thought was the arboretum for a few years there. Words are hard. 

We love this place, whatever it’s name is. We walked through the tropics which were nice and warm. 

So warm that Frankie needed her fan. 😂

They loved the little pirate ship. 

Sooo spooky with the steam coming off the water. 

They had dc landmark exhibits all around that were fun to see. 

And phones are always fun to see too. We had several backpacks, so the dads took turns sitting with all of them. Really taking one for the team there to have to sit alone in the quiet. 

Love D’s look of pure happiness. She loves her some cousin Isabel. And aunt Chantell too. 

By the time we made it to the Air and Space Museum, the littlest monkey was tired. She and I went a round about who would hold her coat. That was one bummer, that only the museum of modern art had a coat check, so then we had to hold everything. And 5 coats, plus gloves, hats, and scarves are bulky. So we made the girls hold their own or wrap them around their waists by this time. But D didn’t want to. Little does she know, I wrote the book on stubborn kids, soooo I waited her out. We eventually found a bench where her eyes started to get heavy. Not too long before she laid down on my lap and took a much needed siesta. She woke up happily and hour later, wrapped her coat around her waist, and we met up with the crew. 

It was dark by the time we headed back to our cars. But there was more fun to be had! We still hadn’t made it to the temple yet, so we figured since we were halfway there already, and who knows if they’ll have lights up while the temple is under renovation, and the VA Rays we’re going, that we’d make it happen. We grabbed a quick BK dinner and hit temple. 

It was soooo cold!!! But so beautiful! To be continued! (Again!)

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The Adventures of Smilin' Jack said...

Hahaha, Frances could be a Boy Scout the way she's prepared. Nice touch to have your fan handy while you're in the Tropics.

I remember stubborn. And I still have very little patience.