Saturday, June 30, 2012

together again

we had a crazy storm last night! it was hot, hot, hot all day, so we stayed inside because i didn't want to take laney out in the 100+temps. matt and i were watching the olympic trials, when the news started coming on during commercials warning about the weather. a crazy, fast moving storm was coming across our region with hurricane strength gusts of wind, up to 80mph.

this morning matt looked at the weather history: at 11pm the wind was blowing at 7 knots. at 12 it was blowing at 30 knots, with gusts up to 50. weird. the news said to expect power outages, so we brought up our glowsticks and flashlights so we would be ready. our power went out around 11:30 and didn't come back on until 4'ish. it was really hot. the girls all took turns waking up and it was a pretty miserable night.

i texted sarah to see if she'd heard from tony and if the boys were okay. they were stuck in their tents through the whole thing, and then when the storm passed tony was able to check on them and they were all good and safe. wet, but safe. and actually christian and robbie's tent was one of the only ones that stayed dry.

i was worried about alexis and crew at girls camp too, but figured that was such a big operation, that they would let me know if there was a problem. colleen texted me at midnight to let me know that all was well there too.

 thankfully the power outage didn't last long and we, and all of our campers, were safe. 13 people died in the storms, including 2 and 7 year old cousins that were camping with their families in southwestern new jersey. :(

today i went to christina's baby shower at red robin. before that i stopped at wally and this is what their fireworks tent looked like. there were some trees down and lots of debris.
lunch was good and i thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the ladies. christian and crew were about 2 hours away by the time we finished lunch, so i ran to the commissary and got some more groceries instead of coming all the way home. the boys had to cut their bike trip a little short because there were so many downed trees that they really weren't able to ride over or around. also, it was over 100 degrees again.

lana brought alexis home, so when i got home with christian she was here. kelly had called to let me know that she did a good job at camp. one day she said out of the blue "i miss my mom." that girl, i swear. made me cry. :) i'm soooo glad that she did well, i really wasn't sure there for awhile.

they both had a great time. christian said the riding was easy and he can see a difference in his muscles. food was good and tubing was fun, even though he got in trouble for not staying with the group. alexis also had fun. she bonded with some of the other girls in our ward and enjoyed being a leader. chaiya said she "made lemonade," and that she was impressed.

since we were all home together for only one night, and it was too hot to even think about cooking or grilling, we went to celebrate with dinner at el cerro grande.
there were supposed to be more storms tonight, but so far it just looks like a little lightning, thankfully. tomorrow morning c and i are leaving at 3:30 for a 6:55 flight, so off to bed i go.

and today's bonus pic:


clovis, nm - 2008

4 years later...

leonardtown, md

Friday, June 29, 2012

5 whole months - by delaney

a month of firsts:

my first girls trip.
(not that impressive, as you can tell by my pic)
my first time at the beach - ocean city, md, june 3, 2012
my first bikini.
 and my first time putting my cankled feet in the sand.
my first memorial day and my first karate chop.
that caterpillar deserved it.
my first big family road trip.
and my first time out of the state of my birth.
at hatteras beach, nc.
(my second time at the beach)
my first time on a boat.
and my first time seeing dolphins.
loved it!
my first time in a shopping cart.
my first business meeting.
(got the secretary helping me out with the phone there)
my first time tasting my feet.
because they're delicious.
my first time in the johnny jump up.
the jumper was a lot of fun, but as these things sometimes go, tgbo showed up.
and then it wasn't so fun. see how i'm just a blur? yeah...
she's instilled a healthy dose of fear in me.
i'll be chillin', minding my beeswax, when all of a sudden!
there she is.
in all of her giant blondness.
another example:
would you want that big ol' blond head all up in your buisness?
thought so.
being the youngest can be tough.
so i've started packing heat.
don't mess with the babysitter?
don't mess with the baby.
don't worry i keep pretty calm.
i do my yoga and that helps.
(don't mind the full diaper, please)
and i say my prayers every night and every morning.
nc was pretty fun. except when people were being weird.
a carseat on the beach? come on, people!
vacationing is exhausting.
while we were there i decided to try to sit up. pretty good, huh?!
i'm an expert at holding things and especially getting them to my mouth.
fingers work too.
i still fight sleep a little bit.
my "sleep, who needs it?" face.
(speaking of sleep, i sleep in my crib in my own room now, yay!)
but mostly i'm a pretty happy, good natured baby.
goofy, but happy. :)
i am also very responsible.
i've already started packing my cheeks for the winter.
*i am an expert roller. i sleep on my tummy now because as soon as i'm laid down on my back, i roll right over. (asleep or awake)
*no teeth yet, but i drool all the time and gum everything.
*i'm on (about) a 3 nap schedule. and then i usually wake up once in the middle of the night and once first thing (5'ish) in the morning, so basically twice over night.  

that's probably about enough for now.
i will see you next month!



Thursday, June 28, 2012


this morning laney woke up at 5 for her early morning feeding. daddy got dressed a few minutes later and, as she was lying in a milk drunken stupor, talked to her and woke her up. so then we played and ate and ate and played, till she finally fell back to sleep at 7.

frankie woke up at 7... can you see where this is going? they're all in on it together, i tell you, this conspiracy to keep me loopy from lack of sleep.

oh well, at least they were both sweet early risers. frankie was all "i love you sooo much!" and "you're beautiful!" and hugs and kisses. yesterday we checked out a "mermaid" themed backpack from the library and she has officially claimed it. so of course she put it on first thing this morning.

then we took some pictures together.

aaand a silly shot.
the girls "silly face" is back.
with a vengeance. 
addie finally woke up at 9 and we headed to aina's after breakfast for a kid swap.

then, long story (and day) short, i cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. then when i picked the girls up, we stayed for a delicious bbq dinner. since matt has a late class it was just the girls and i.

love summer grilling! love kid swaps! love clean houses!

this concludes today.

summer readers

we finally made it to the library to get some books and join the summer reading program. i've been avoiding the library mostly because we've been busy, but also because of a certain $14 fine. oh well.
the girls love the little computers.
frankie was crunching the numbers real hard.
she was able to take a quick break to say "cheese," and then right back to work.
addie busied herself with the fun toy baskets they have.
then occasionally they'll each bring me a book to add to our pile.
this little surprised goofball hung out with me.
bonus pic: someone's getting a lot of hair and it's crazy in the morning!!!
and another bonus pic: one of our neighbors posted on fb that he was selling a drum set and matt started drooling. since he hasn't gone flying yet, (his birthday gift from back in april) he asked if he could exchange the fligh time for the drum set.
i am such a sucker.
anywho, addie "rests" in the basement these days, and she is loving the drums! and i am loving this goofy, goofy picture!
 my sister's say she looks just like me when i was little.
mini-michelle, with better hair. ;)