Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I don't remember the story behind this pic, but it was at alecia's and Delaney was disgruntled. who knows. :)
alecia had an amazing bbq for the weist's and myers, who both moved within a week of each other. super crazy, we had 3 families move in 3 weeks, it was a busy few weeks! and a sad few too.
I thought this pic of leisa reading with frankie, vera, and emma was super cute.
after it got dark, the kids hung out in the basement watching movies.
franks went on a field trip to elm's beach, and I didn't get picked to go. :( my first field trip that I could have gone but wasn't able to. made me sad.

it was a long day and she was pooped by that night.
dress up cutie.
dress up cutie x2. the jacket is less impressive since I already posted him in his tux, but still. we rented his first tux for senior prom. lexi got one dress, chris got one tux.
I don't know?
the cute sisters came and gave us a fun lesson. sad that these sisters will be leaving in 2 weeks and we'll have elders again. although i'm sure they'll be fun too.
we cleaned the church one day. addie dug right in.
matt was able to help with a youth temple trip one night. gorgeous day at the temple!
movie night!
tape is awesome. so is lanes.
instead of buying cigarettes or getting a tattoo, my baby boy became a notary public when he turned 18. dig that.

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