Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Matt's birthday

I've got lists and planning and work to do, but I've had so much fun blogging the last few days that I'm gonna sneak in one more update before I get to work. And maybe one at lunch and maybe a few tonight. I am loving catching up.

The main man turned 47 in April. I made 2 cakes, one for the family to enjoy and one for the friends. Before we went out for the night, we sang to daddy and enjoyed some cake. Complete with 47 candles because we like to live dangerously.
Super surprised we didn't set off the smoke detectors with this one.
I didn't get him a thing. Not one single thing. He's not the easiest to shop for and had been telling me about some super specific things he wanted, so I told him to order them. But then he didn't. He did buy himself a new pair of kicks when he was in Texas, so I guess that counts. 

We finally, after a few years, made it out to Quayde's restaurant. We've tried before, but never been successful. So a few days before his birthday, I sent out a group email and said come with us for a birthday dinner at a fun little hole in the wall. And we had a nice little turnout!

before dinner picture taking with our nice camera. those pictures are still on our nice camera. :/
the gang! mc's, rays, ainas, myers, callihans, and Amanda and crew. super fun, even though we waited 30 minutes (at least) for appetizers and then another hour for dinner. and then I never got my food, so I ordered something else that they charged full price for. I kind of think if you've been waiting over an hour and they still make a mistake you should probs get something free, just saying.
Amanda is always the troublemaker. ;)

cake time! and the now infamous gallon of milk. :)))

I got distracted by something outside, a bird I think, and came out to the most gorgeous sunset! while we were bird watching and oohing and ahhhing, Amanda was having a heyday with my phone. i'll spare you the full size, but I had a ton of these.

so then after the iPhone hijinks, everyone came out to get their prom pics.
finally, before we left, we got the whole group. super fun evening!

silly shot!
it was like 8 o'clock and we were like, what should we do? scavenger hunt at Walmart was ruled out, so we came to our house and played some games for awhile. we played logo and were so close to winning, but it had gotten late in a hurry so we'll just have to cream our friends another time. ;) we had so much fun that we've already had another group date night for Laura's birthday and we seriously need to schedule another one.

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