Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Checkin' 'em off

This morning little miss Frankie and her cute friend Tessa were awarded Bus Citizen of the Month awards. This is funny because we ride the bus maybe twice a week at this point. The first half of the year we were stellar walkers. I could probs count on one hand the number of times we rode the bus from August-January. Then winter and cold weather and rain hit, and Delaney was often still asleep at our leave time, so they took the bus more then. Then I went through a driving kick, and now we're back to walking. Either way, proud of her for being respectful and responsible.
It's a whole new world now that we're all bike riders! Even though sometimes some of us are slower than molasses.
I ordered some diapers from target and they came in this awesome huge box. It's now become their rocket ship and its a perfect place for a snack, or 4.
The room swap went well and f and d have asked to make it official starting now. When little sister got tired this afternoon and went to lay down, she forgot and went into her old bed still. It's def gonna take some getting used to.
We had our last piano lesson tonight. Silent cheer! Every last of the season has been a big happy dance for me. Last ballet, last spelling words, last piano. We have 2 more brownie events and 1 more Daisy one before were home free on the activity department. Of course, by then Addie will start activity days, sooooo. (Never ending)

To celebrate our free Tuesday nights, (after today) we heated some chicken nuggets (nutrition is important) grabbed some strawberries and watermelon and headed to the pool.
Happy days are here again!
8 more days of school!

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