Monday, May 30, 2016

dr - installment #2

it's only been 2 years, so i should probably post more on the dr. i am seriously missing the beach and ready for summer up in here. finding those snuba pics makes me all sentimental too.

so just quick snapshots.
the boys.
 auto and i ready for dinner.
 my hair was basically a disaster 90% of the time we were there. humidity and short hair don't always mix.
 these were our little apartments. such a cute place to stay.
 ahhhhhh, a night at the beach = heaven.
 the food was pretty tasty. most of the desserts were pretty gross because they tasted like refrigerator, but the main dishes, especially at the restaurants were pretty good.
one night we went to a michael jackson impersonator show, and they asked for people to compete in a michael jackson contest. so our 3 boys did. here was matt's effort. the 1 boy that was not from our group ended up winning. haha.
 we met up with beyonce and somebody else.
 ready for dinner again.
 this cute server did a trick with the wine bottle for us. he was very excited to show us.
 the crew at dinner. each restaurant was different - american, dominican, italian, etc. i think this night was dominican.
 they had these big lounging beds all over the bar. nice for a picture.
 love these ladies. we've been besties for almost 20 years.
 and finally, leaving paradise.
unless j&d learn how to send pictures electronically, this will probs be my last dr installment. so sad.

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