Friday, September 16, 2016

Girls trip - flashback edition

I lost one of my best Maryland friends in April when Shelly left. We decided we had to have one last getaway together, and amazingly we found a weekend pretty easily. I really wanted to go to the temple together, it's just such a special experience, and i was grateful that everyone agreed! First stop - Cafe Rio!
Then we went to the temple and did a wonderful session.
We stayed in the celestial room for a long time talking about the temple, our families, our struggles, and questions. It was a really beautiful day.
I can't remember, but something was funny. Probably just trying to fit all of our heads into the picture.
Love these ladies.
Leisa, who also moved that month, wasn't able to make it on our trip. But since she just moved a few miles from the temple we went and took a picture in front of what would have been her new house had things worked out. Turns out they got a different house, and we've all enjoyed a play date there and will in the future enjoy temple kid swaps.
We decided we wanted to see some cherry blossoms, so off we went! It was a beautiful evening.
We each took about 2 million pictures.
And even found someone to take pictures of us.
I heart DC.
After our blossoms we went to dinner at Shake Shack, another favorite. Two favorites in one day = heaven.
It was a fabulous girls trip. This group has never had a bad girls trip though, so there's that.
Day 2 to come. 

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