Thursday, September 8, 2016

Labor Day

Darlaina set up a fun Labor Day swim party. We worked and cooked all morning, and headed over to the pool around 3.
It was a nice day, warm but not too hot, but the pool water was cold cold.
The kids swam pretty well. We all grilled meat and everyone had brought yummy side dishes to share.
We visited for hours and closed the pool down for another season.
Labor Day is always a nice little day off after our first few weeks of school. Big news for this next year though, Governor Hogan has signed a law that schools will start after Labor Day. We'll see how that goes. Not complaining, longer Summer's will be great, I'm just wondering how late we'll be at school in June.
Clearly I didn't take many pictures, but I did take this series, and I always think the jumping ones are fun.
The kids alternated from the pool to the park since it was so chilly in the water.
This is the summer that made Laney a swimmer. She's pretty awesome. She swims, pokes her head up, takes a breath, and swims some more. 
We already miss the pool. Especially since it's been in the 90's this week.
The girls love the water and we're at a point where I don't even have to get in. It's totes awesome. 
Matt did some flying with the girls.
Since we watched Parent Trap last weekend, they were dying to try this. They were pretty cute.
Aaand throw.
Another good pool season. 

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