Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mid week

I finally felt well enough to wake up early and at least go for a walk. The sky and sunrise were gorgeous.
Frankie was the star student the other day and we loved how all the kids wrote about how she has a sister in collij and kollidge. Lexi and I laughed and laughed, so precious!
On Tuesday we went to Mccombs to celebrate Maggie's 13th birthday. There were several other families there and the food was super yummy. We love our Mccombs.
Wednesday was picture day! We got up early and showered and did hair. They were ready!
I told Addie to move her head up and she gave me this look before she aquiesced.
There we go!
That night Frankie had her first tap/ballet class. I messed up the times and we got there an hour early (Addie's Thursday time) so we quickly ran to target for leotards and other "essentials." One of our favorite places.
She loved her class! And it was so fun because Lorraine gets to be one of her teachers. She had already texted Chris and told her how cute Frankie is, so she's excited too.
Tom and Bon posted their gender reveal which I let the girls watch on our way home. It's a boy! 4 boys, so crazy! We talked about name ideas - Addie likes Hank or Tom jr, Frankie likes Francis, and Delaney is partial to Cupcake. I think they are all solid choices. Frankie wanted me to snap this shot of the sunset as we drive into the lg to send to Uncle Tom for a congratulations.
When we got home we found our cookies and canvas paints had arrived! We are so excited!
I've been busy planning the fall fundraiser, a wine and design type event but for kids and with cookies. For two years that I've been PTA treasurer I've been very firm on my "no extra anything" stance. But this was my idea and I want it to go well. So I volunteered to co-chair it. It's been crazy busy with beginning of year treasurer duties on top of trying to figure out a new, huge event. Registrations are slowly trickling in and I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well!

And I thought this was hilarious! And so true.
Love this. Love Mrs. G. Love positivity.

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