Friday, February 9, 2018


I still get a kick out of seeing Amish buggies on the road. 

Today was a good day. I stopped by the paint store after tutoring to try to choose a color to go along with our Grant Beige in the formal dining room. It’s proving to be more difficult that I thought it would be, and why did that surprise me?

Also, Lexi and Cade sent me flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. 💕

Matt was off today. We chatted and puttered, and before we knew it, it was 1! We wanted to get lunch and run errands and it was way too late to do all we wanted to. So we settled for lunch and half the errands. Marriage is a roller coaster of ups and downs. we’re on an up right now and I’m enjoying it so much. 

In cleaning out the computer desk I found an old Disney gift card that still had money on it. I fixed that real quick, and one of the things I bought was this Halloween costume for $15! #villians2018

It felt warm today since it wasn’t rainy or gray. Matt and I walked up to get the girls and did our second a day. 

Matt works this weekend, so he couldn’t come to the temple tonight. I hitched a ride with the McCombs and we found the Dorn’s there, so that was fun. After, I 5th wheeled it to Red Ginger with them for some yummy pad Thai. It’s 11 and we’re halfway home. Still better than Philadelphia and we only have 25 more days till the DC temple closes. 

And looking back - they had future Missionaries march around primary one day, and apparently D got right up and joined them. 

I love that so much. 

That’s my little feminist, women’s advocate, and missionary. 😍

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