Friday, February 16, 2018

End of the weekend

I stayed up way too late last night. I’ve turned into one of those ladies that doesn’t sleep well when her hubby is not home, just like the ones i used to roll my eyes at as a single lady. And it rained all night long. I ironed curtain panels and binge watched superstore. I took a curtain panel down around 2am and heard the basement sump alarm beeping. So I did what any self respecting semi-helpless woman would do, I ignored it and prayed for the best. Thankfully it worked. 

The girls have been big into drinking rain water, so they’d put a cup out on the deck on Saturday. This morning they had 4 inches of delicious rain water to drink! (Delaney 🙄)

The Stake Relief society is doing a diaper drive for women’s conference this year, and we already have almost 500 diapers. What, what?! 5500 to go!

Church was lovely. Sarah, chelsea, and I chatted with bishop about some obstacles we’ve run into and it was good counsel together in search of solutions. I’m grateful for all the ladies I work with, and that we work together in unity. 

I had dropped the girls at the Frey’s on my way to ward council. Brenda asked that I let her do the girls hair, which was awesome. We’d picked up the mail on our way and Frankie’s cute emoji keychains for her valentines had arrived. They are so fun!

Speaking of cute! Their hair was so adorable!

It was cuter before church, but you know. 

Addie wanted to help make dinner. Gotta teach this girl to be more independent, she’s ready for it!

We had our traditional heart pasta for dinner. Mostly because I only got 4 hours of sleep and I wasn’t making anything involved. 

Daddy got home before dinner and all his girls were so happy. It’s been a good weekend. I haven’t always loved weekends. Working in restaurants was always so busy on weekends, and then life with teenagers was always so busy. But weekends have been quite delightful of late. 

And because I haven’t met my 10 picture quota on this post yet, some cute shots from our thanksgiving hike. 

Brothers. 🙂

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