Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sick days and gingerbread

Everyone woke up Tuesday and got all ready for school, and then D didn’t look good. She had a definite grey color and her eyes were dark. We were ready to walk out the door, but i asked if she’d rather stay home and she said yes. That’s a big deal for my love of learning girl, so I kept her home. 

I love the way little kids play. I’ve missed having Delaney playing all around the house, talking and making up stories. It’s the best. And boxes make the best toys. 

Since d wasn’t super sick we made good use of our time. We made her valentine box first. She’s not super perfectionistic, this one. I showed her lots of ideas on Pinterest, but she really just wanted to decorate a box. So I let her pick wrapping paper and we found an oatmeal canister. And boom, she’s happy. 

Next up we worked on her 100 days of school project. Delightfully, Valentine’s Day and 100 days of school are the same week. Hooray for projects!

Again she wanted to just slap 100 stickers on a paper, but I made her choose something more artsy and fun (for me). we found the feathers, printed a bird, counted feathers by 10’s, and glued, glued, glued. It says “100 Days just flew by!”

We also picked her valentines and ordered the little toy to go with them. 

I decided to take her to the dr just to be on the safe side. The flu is crazy bad this year; and Nurse Dana said strep was going around. The dr didn’t even do a strep test and just said it’s a cold. Annoying. I don’t usually run to the dr, and that’s exactly the reason why. 

Since Tuesday evening is our free evening, we had time for the big girls to pick their valentines too. We got everyone’s printed out and cut, and treats ordered. A and D wrote theirs out, so now Frankie just needs to work on hers, a few at a time wins the race. And I taught Ads how to use the paper cutter. Yay!

Today was a frustrating day. Sometimes sharing the church building is complicated, and today was one of those days. We had leftover sweet potatoes for dinner. I had sprinkled nutmeg and cloves on them for a yummy recipe when i made them, and d said as she ate them “i don’t like them, they smell like cake, but they’re not.” 😂 I drove the ballet bus and then took Ads to A days and then on a Bruesters date. She’s a precious little lady. 

December catch up. 

Bubba and Brittany. I got to meet her too. I was in my bathrobe doing the dishes, it was wonderful. 

Brenda is the best Activity Day leader. They had A days today and I told Addie how lucky they were and how much Brenda loves her. Addie said, and I love her too!

We made gingerbread houses one night, and Brenda had soooo much candy for them to decorate, they were in heaven!

It was a fun mother/daughter date. 

Little miss art thang. 

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