Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A little here, a little there

I took two bang up pictures today. One was of Addie reading A Series of Unfortunate Events in the corner. Girlfriend loves to read! She got home and all but said "don't talk to me, I'm reading," and then almost finished the book. I love it. 
And then this goofy one right before bathtime tonight because she looked so cute in this little sweater dress from Quinn, and I wanted to document in case she never wears it again. Because she literally debated every person we saw that told her she looked cute, and there were several. She's so cray. 

This morning I got to meet with Alecia who is our new vt coordinator. I'm so excited to work and council together with one of my very favs. And I love the visiting teaching program, so it's a winning combo!

After our whirlwind orientation - everything from scriptures to computers to companionships  - we took the kiddos over to the library for story time. 

Then miss bug was off to school. It's been such a gorgeous few days! And tomorrow is supposed to be 72! Amazing February!

I took dinner and visited with Nola, who threw her back out earlier this week.. She's an awesome lady and I'm so glad her family moved here! Then i had to meet up with matt who had taken over part 1 of ballet carpool duties for me, before he and Addie needed to head off to church for scouts and A days. ''Twas a good, ordinary day and for that I am thankful. I'll take these ordinary days any day. 

I got to thinking that if I'm only covering one day from the past, it's gonna take me a really long time to even get to Disney, not to mention blog it. So here's to trying to cover two days in the past? Can't be that hard because at this point I really don't even remember anything. 

***Haha, so I wrote all of that before I looked at my pictures. And just like that, another few days done because I have no pictures and so no clue about all the exciting things we were up to. 

Addie's primary teacher sent this cute picture. Precious bunch of baby lovers!
And it looks like one day Sarah watched the girls? Maybe the day of sweet Sister Yorkshire's Memorial Service, but I really can't say for sure. But those are some sweet odd girls out!
Slowly edging closer to blog'o'Disney! I am excited and terrified all at the same time. #somanypictures

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