Monday, February 27, 2017

The baby boy is 19!

It's so dumb, but really, bow did this happen? And when? Seems like yesterday, and also so long ago that Christian was just a sweet little high pitched voice boy. And now he's enjoying his last year of teenage'dom. I put together a collage for D on her birthday and will probs do it for all my kids this year. Fb makes it so easy with their On this day feature, really how could I not collage it up?
Life hasn't always been easy with this kid, but I am so proud of where he's at now. Some things about the Bubba:
  • He's good with money. Boy is a saver and likes a bargain and I love that about him!
  • He's smart. When I teach him things (which doesn't happen so much anymore) I can see the wheels turning, and he'll often reference my wisdom. Or others too. 
  • He cares about people. He's got such a sensitive little heart! Probably from spending the first 8 years of his life being raised primarily by a bunch of women. He genuinely wants others to be happy and works towards that.
  • He's funny! We have fun together! He's got some great comebacks. 
  • He's a hard worker. His bosses have always loved him. The vast majority of his teachers and leaders have loved him. He does a really good job. 
  • He respects his elders, and gets along with them. When he was lifeguarding he would always talk   about his "mom friends," and at crabknockers he often worked with adults and really enjoyed it. Old soul. 
  • He's a good big brother. He loves his little sisters fiercely!
  • He tries to choose the right and is learning who he is. And we love him for it! Happy 19th birthday, Bubba!

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