Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents' Day

A day off of school, hooray! Matt decided to work so he can float a different day, since we didn't have anything going on today. We organized, cleaned the jolly green, watched some shows, and played some games this morning. In the afternoon we traveled the neighborhood picking up friends to take with us to the school park. I ran the track while the girls played on the playground. It's a pretty perfect setup. 

Our main fhe will be tomorrow night, but for tonight we all worked together to make Addie's idea of a jello cake. She actually asked for jelly squares and from there we googled and found what she wanted. It needed to set and cool overnight, so it will be fun to try it tomorrow. Building anticipation!

Seems like our cabinets are where water bottles come to die. I texted the big kids this picture to figure out which of these we need to keep. Chris chose two, while Lexi didn't want any. And just like that we cleared a big space in our cabinet. 
Last week was a crazy weather week! It was warm two days, like 60-70 degree warm days. And then, bam! Freezing. On Thursday I sat in the silver bullet waiting for Addie at gymnastics, when all of a sudden the sky turned dark gray, got super windy,  and not a minute later it started snowing! It was the most bizarre thing! Like most weather phenomenons, pictures don't do justice, but it was the craziest little storm. It moved through quickly and of course the snow didn't stick because it had been so warm that week, but still crazy. 
I saw this on fb and thought it was pretty hilarious. And super true. 
I've had blogger troubles the past few days, but finally after trying to post my saved posts, my last two blogs finally posted so frustrating! I've stuck to every day blogging and hoping to catch up someday!

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