Saturday, May 29, 2010

8th grade dance

Last week Alexis had her 8th grade semi-formal dance.
We looked everywhere for a dress and then after we found the dress we had to look everywhere for a pink sweater. Finally at the last store we went to we found this cute black one that looked nice with the whole ensemble.

The day of the dance we primped for hours. I did her nails and toes and hair. I asked if she wanted make-up but she declined. I love that! A little bit of lipgloss and she was good to go.

And she humored me with a million pictures.
She can't complain too much though, I warned her.
Isn't she B-E-A-utiful!

Then her friend Brittany got to our house and I had to get pictures of the 2 of them and some of Brittany by herself.

Then the 3rd friend Meghan got here.

Meghan's aunt and I were totally trying to tell them how to pose.
They sort of humored us. :)

After the picture extravaganza I took them to Cheeseburger in Paradise for dinner and then to the dance at school.

When we got to the school Alexis did not want me to get out with them but I just had to! And there were tons of parents milling around taking pictures. All the kids hung out outside for the first few minutes and the principal was walking around monitoring. So I totally embarrassed them by asking her to take a picture with them. ;)

With Principal Bachner. Can't you just see the excitement on their pretty little faces?!

They are doing some renovating at their school so they used the ugly wood partitioning to decorate with stars with all the 8th graders and their teachers names. The dark grey one is Alexis'.

The gym was decorated so cutely! The committee in charge went to both of the high schools and asked for their decorations after their proms so it was pretty cheap and easy. Isn't that so smart?!

I hung out at the dance with my friend Becky for about an hour and then showed up about an hour early to pick them up. :) I kept it cool though, I didn't even dance! Even when the Cupid Shuffle came on. And that my friends, took some willpower.
They had such a fun time!

I cannot believe my baby is going to high school soon!!!!

Great Wolf Lodge

Lexi's cheerleading team planned a trip to Great Wold Lodge to celebrate a great season.
It's a huge indoor water park and it was so much fun!

This is the huge big toy called Fort Mackenzie. That bucket on top holds 1,000 gallons and dumps every 10 minutes or so.

The night we got there everyone went to eat.
Alexis and some of the crew.

Addie loves dragging things around! Especially around a pool!

Matt hanging with the girls in the baby pool.

Addie would play for so long that her lips would turn purple cause she was cold.
So every few hours we would take her over to the jacuzzi to warm up.
She loved it!

Go Jaguars!

Hangin' in the jacuzzi.

Self portrait. :)

The whole place was decorated so cute!

I sat and fed Frankie with my camera ready to take pictures of them coming off The Tornado.

And the boys...

Christian waiting to get splashed underneath Fort Mackenzie's huge bucket.

Look at those guns!!!

Acting goofy.

Matt and Addie fell asleep floating down the Lazy River.

One of the rare occasions that Addie actually held Frankie nicely and no one ended up crying!

"Look Fwankie, you gotta pose like this!"

"Fwankie, are you looking at mom?! Look at the camera Fwankie!"

We had such a fun time, especially being able to go with a big group of friends.
Two thumbs up for Great Wolf Lodge!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Airplanes, skateboards, and baseball

Matt and Christian went to a Remote Control Airplane show a couple weeks ago and loved it!

I got to hear all about the games they play when they fly them, like this bowling game.
Can you see the black ball trailing behind the plane? They have competitions like this to see who is the best RC pilot.

Christian even got to fly.

The boys also went to the skate park for a playdate. :)
Alexis had a school activity that I was driving her and her friends to, so after they had been at the skate park for a few hours I dropped the babies off.
When I got there Christian was fixing his trucks (or something), so I didn't get to see his mad skills.

But Matt, never one to be shy, was more than willing to show off. :)

Sorry ladies, he's all mine. :)
But seriously, how cool is it that he can still hang with the teenie's at the skate park?
At the age of 41.
Love him!

And that same night after the skate park Christian had a baseball game where he got his first...

home run!!!

And since Matt and I had divided to conquer activities, I missed it!
That's okay though, I'm sure that was the first of many.
Love him, too!

Gum, anyone?

We are slowly learning that with an inquisitive toddler running around, we really need to keep things put away. Sometimes behind locked doors.

Lexi learned this lesson the hard way the other day when a naked Addie (that's weird!) found her nearly full roll of bubble tape and put the whole thing in her mouth.

We all thought it was pretty funny!

Then she was chewing so funny that I just had to get a video. :)
Fair warning, the best part is at the end.

All natural

For Mothers Day, Matt got me some hanging flower baskets for our porch. Then he was watering them for me one day and found a birds nest with five little eggs inside. Now every time we open our front door the mama bird flies away as fast as she can. She's not so smart, she hits the top of the porch as she flies away at least 50% of the time.

We're also enjoying watching our square foot garden grow.
So far everything is sprouting and looking good.

Matt and Christian concocted this little fence to keep out any bunnies or squirrels. We have bunnies hope through our yard daily.

Me doing Addie's cheesy face.

And then Addie got mad and stormed off.

PS - I swear she does wear cloths!